Whiskey On My Breath Collaborators Celebrate Album Release With Fans At Local Bar

Fans just love spouting their opinions on the state of country music. Whichever side you are on of whatever argument there is one irrefutable fact about our genre…country music is a community. Musicians, singers, writers, producers, and fans. I was reminded of this last night by hit duo Love & Theft, along with friends and co-writers Tyler Reeve and Trent Tomlinson.

While I was waiting at an airport to return to Nashville yesterday I was killing some time, as I do,  by perusing the lineups of my top writer’s night venues. Those of which my favorite is Tin Roof Revival .  This eclectic, energetic coterie of singer/songwriter talent is hosted weekly by local artists Rob Snyder and Cody Walden at the Tin Roof bar on Demonbreun. Now in it’s second year, the events have become a fast favorite for fans and industry folks alike. (unintentional alliteration)

Unlike most other writer showcases you do not have to worry about eliciting derisive glares for whispering across the table or ordering a drink too loudly. On the contrary, this is a room where fans of original tunes can converge in a party atmosphere, complete with booze sponsorships and beautiful women, while still respecting the reverence of art. Reverence, you say? Well, after all, it is a revival.

That is where I noticed they were playing, but it is not uncommon for big name acts to pop in local venues for an impromptu show in this town, so what is the big deal? What makes me like the cut of their jib so much is that yesterday, Feb 10, Love & Theft’s new album Whiskey On My Breath dropped to much anticipation.

Of all the places and things they could have been doing to celebrate an album release Stephen, Eric, Tyler and Trent chose to play a live acoustic show in a hometown bar. That is why I love country music and that is why I love Nashville.

That it was a great show goes without saying. What gilds the lily is how cool they, and most acts in this town, are. I may be a songwriter and a journalist, but I am still a fan at heart and that means a lot. Especially when you never know who is going to write an article about you the next day.


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