When It Comes To Chelsea Bain…You Won’t Want To Be “Drinkin’ Alone”

Chelsea Bain‘s upbeat “Drinkin’ Alone” single hit Country radio a couple of months ago, and the lyric video for the rousing song premiered on Taste of Country last month. Now, her long-awaited EP of the same name is now available, released today, April 14, 2017.  The EP was produced by Jordan Sapp, and will be released on Turn 3 Records.

We had the opportunity to chat with Chelsea on “Drinkin’ Alone, her new EP, songwriting and performing at NASCAR…see what the up and coming country star had to say here!

Country Music Pride: Your current single “Drinkin’ Alone” is already gaining rave reviews from your fans…can you tell us about that experience and how that came to fruition?

Chelsea Bain: “Drinkin’ Alone” says exactly how I feel when it comes to tossing some drinks back. I don’t do it alone! Rachel Farley and I came up with the idea because I am always adamant about enjoying a drink with my friends. I think the world moves too fast and we should all give ourselves that time once in a while to enjoy and drink a little.

Country Music Pride: Does a greater satisfaction come from writing a choice single or playing it?

Chelsea Bain: Both! It’s satisfying in different ways. Writing something is a release for me and what’s currently on my mind. I also love sitting in a room and creating music, there’s nothing like it.   The other side of that is seeing fans react to a song. When I see people relating to something that I wrote, I get a burst of pure happiness. It’s knowing that there’s people who feel exactly the way I do that makes it all so good!

Country Music Pride: Who would you say has had the biggest influence on your music?

Chelsea Bain: P!nk and Tom Petty have been big influences for me. They are both so honest in their writing and that’s what I connect with. They are also both artists who push themselves; they have always surprised me and continue to do so!

Country Music Pride: Has anyone ever compared you to the likes of Gretchen Wilson?

Chelsea Bain: I’ve never heard that one, but Gretchen is such a great vocalist and an outstanding performer so I am definitely flattered to be thought of in the same vein.

Country Music Pride: If you could collaborate with any artist (if you haven’t already), who would it be and why?

Chelsea Bain: Lately I have imagined what it would be like to sing alongside Frank Sinatra. Our styles are so different that I think it would be a cool collaboration and a good time!

Country Music Pride: What would really excite you and encourage you that could be done by our readers and fans of your that would help bring your music to the top of America’s Country radio?

Chelsea Bain: I’m currently traveling and visiting radio and having fans reach out during that time makes it so fun! Calling in and requesting music or requesting songs to the station online is still a thing and I think that’s cool. So if you feel so inclined, request “Drinkin’ Alone”!

Country Music Pride: You have gained many fans thanks to your performances at NASCAR and NHRA races throughout the last few years…what is the craziest or favorite place you’ve ever performed?

Chelsea Bain: TALLADEGA!!! That was the wildest show, I think we even blew the power! We played the infield on a Saturday night and the crowd was stoked! That was definitely not only one of my favorite Nascar shows, but one of my favorite shows ever!

Country Music Pride: What can fans expect from Chelsea Bain next?!

Chelsea Bain: I’m releasing my full EP on April 14th, so they’re gonna get a few more songs to check out. That’s my focus right now, sharing this new music.

Country Music Pride: Tell us one fun fact about you that your fans may not know…

Chelsea Bain: I’m a Hufflepuff…

Her new EP is now available on all streaming sites, including  iTunes and Spotify. “Drinkin’ Alone” is bold, creative, and full of heart and the title track, “Drinkin’ Alone” is currently climbing country charts nationwide…it needs to be at the top of your playlist!

Check out the track-listing and songwriter credits for “Drinkin’ Alone”:

  • Drinkin’ Alone (Chelsea Bain/Rachel Farley/Jordan Sapp)

  • I Don’t Want To (Chelsea Bain/Rachel Farley/Grace Spaulding)

  • Medicate (Chelsea Bain/Rachel Farley/Jordan Sapp)

  • Jaded (Chelsea Bain/Rachel Farley/Mike Dekle)

  • Trainwreck (Chelsea Bain/Rachel Farley/Jordan Sapp)

Be sure to get your copy of Chelsea’s new EP TODAY! It will no doubt be the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

To learn more about Chelsea, keep up with tour dates, hear music and more, visit www.chelseabainmusic.com and follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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