Toby Keith’s “Hope On The Rocks” Video Now Available Full Strength and Brimming With a Distillation of Emotion – Video Review

We’ve been waiting and Toby’s been teasing. But it’s all over now and this shot’s well worth the wait. “Hope On The Rocks”, Toby Keith‘s latest video, is now available full strength and what an incredibly moving video. No wonder this song was stuck in Toby’s head. This story, from this viewpoint needed to be told.  

Last fall I was driving out to my hunting and fishing ranch in southern Oklahoma. And all the way there I had a verse and chorus going that I’d had for a couple months. I knew it was dark and a little out there, but I just couldn’t let it go. I spent two days down there and the whole time, whenever I wasn’t talking to anybody, I was working that song in my head. I just hammered on it; completely obsessed. When I finally nailed it, I played it for a couple guys and knew it was exactly what I thought it was. When I handed the album over to the label and management, it wasn’t the first one that popped up, but it wasn’t three days before it reared its head as the pick of the litter. Now when they’re out playing stuff for radio, this is the one they’re coming back on across the board. One of my favorite things I’ve ever written. – Toby Keith

If you’ve ever been downtrodden or know someone who has then you know that the power of a small gesture can make a huge difference. And sometimes that gesture comes from the only person that the down-and-outer turns to, a bartender. While to some, a bartender might look like the Average Joe delivering drinks, to the one on the bar stool, that bartender is temporarily serving so much more.

And it’s that sentiment that Toby Keith has captured eloquently in his “Hope on the Rocks” video. Presented amidst the backdrop of driving rain and black and white photography, the filmography completely compliments the heaviness of raw emotion experienced by everyone in this type situation.

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m a rainstorm junkie and a black and white photography freak – and maybe it’s the combination of the two here that took my breath away – but it’s been a while since I’ve been as moved by a video as I am with “Hope On The Rocks”. When you take the depth of human emotion that’s entwined throughout this story, mix it with the upheaval of rain, the pureness of the power of black and white photography and the strength of this vocalist, you’ve created a mini documentary looking into the souls of us all.

This one’s a keeper !

Congratulations ! to everyone involved in this “Hope On The Rocks” project. This is one dynamite piece of work.

Toby Keith – Hope On The Rocks – Complete Video

And because we were unable to get you this video when it came out on Friday, we have decided to extend our “Hope On The Rocks” giveaway contest until midnight December 4, 2012. You’ve only got one more day to Get your entry in to WIN an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of TOBY KEITH’S “HOPE ON THE ROCKS” DELUXE CD. Enter here now 

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