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This Toby Keith interview with CNN isn’t all about his new music and new video for “Bullets in the Gun.” It’s actually mostly about his stance on all things political, such as the White House, Sarah Palin, health care and the Tea Party. But because bullying is such a hot topic right now, he weighs in on that as well. The moral of that story is, don’t ever bully Toby Keith. “My father would say, ‘Do whatever you have to do to shut it down, you know. Fight.’ We would fight the bully,” he admitted. “If you let the guy bully you every day at school, it’s going to continue to go. So it’s better to take that ass-whooping the first day and get it over with, and then they usually leave you alone.” But he also acknowledges that that was then, and this is now, so maybe your initial approach with a bully should be to disarm the situation friendly and peacefully. Then there’s talk of police stations and baseball bats, which may not be the best recommendation. Keith says he was bullied by older kids in high school, but he was never a bullier himself. “I was too busy chasing girls and doing my thing writing songs,” he said.

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