Those Darlins FREE Vinyl and CD Giveaway!

UPDATE: Those Darlins fans are lightin’ it up!

Since we’ve been flooded with comments and emails, we’ve decided to up the ante. Not only will we give away the vinyl, but we’ll throw in a Those Darlins CD to another lucky fan!

Yes, TWO winners will be announced this Saturday! (Let’s all drink a toast to that, shall we?)

Keep sending those emails and comments, and we’ll put all the names into a boot and pick us some winners!

P.S. We love reading about your live Darlins experiences.

In celebration of Record Store Day, we’ve decided to give away a copy of Those Darlins’ self-titled debut VINYL album!

Yes, you can fire up that old turntable (or whatever else you want to fire up) and listen to “Whole Damn Thing”, “DUI or Die”, “Red Light Love”, “Snaggle Tooth Mama” and more while gazing at the Darlins all big-like on the back cover.

Just leave a comment here on whatever (favorite Darlin, best song, fondest live show memory, WHATEVER) and we’ll choose a winner at random this Saturday, Apr. 17th. (You can also email us at

(Be sure to include contact information so we can give you the good news and ship your prize straight atcha!)


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45 Responses

  1. Saw the girls open up for King Khan this winter in MKE and they killed it. Their live show is about as energetic of a set as you can get.

    This would be awesome, I tried to pick up an LP that night – but they were sold out. Picked it up on cd… not nearly as hip as wax. thanks

  2. I love Those Darlins! I missed them in Baltimore because their van broke down and they couldn’t make it… a nice vinyl record sure would make up for that heartbreak. 😉

  3. oh jeeze favorite song? between wild one, 222, snaggle tooth mama, & who’s that knockin yeup can’t quite pick one

  4. I was turned on to Those Darlins from a friend and have been in love and obsessivley listening to your album ever since….I’m in a suburb of Chicago, so I keep checking in to see if/when you are making a visit up north here! When it happens….I’ll be there!

  5. I heard you guys on Sirius Radio. I had to know more. I downloaded your album, and shortly after found out that not only were you playing a show in my area, but you were playing the S*Alt Tues. Night Showcase at the Wonderbar in Asbury that my friends put together. I was in Photoshop class when I heard the news, and got so excited I squealed, and got stared at by the stoner kid at the computer next to me for way to long. I think he forgot what he was doing after about a minute. It was the best show of the year thus far. I danced my face off. You exceeded my expectations. I am the cheapest bastard alive, and I was even compelled to buy a T shirt. I wanted the vinyl too, but I was too cheap. gimme, gimme, gimme.

  6. Missed the girls last time they were in Atlanta but looking forward to seeing them at Criminal Records for Record Store Day!

  7. I LOVE all the songs, but 222 is by far the one that gets stuck in my head the most! I haven’t gotten the chance to catch a show yet, but my husband has, and his most said comment… “the bass player has nice tits”. I’ve got the CD, but I prefer to listen to vinyl over anything, any day!

  8. Opened up for Dan Auerbach in Chicago and performed Funstix Party. They were kind enough to clarify the actual lyrics for me in the lobby after the show. Thanks!

  9. Love them Darlins. Saw the Chapel Hill show with my girl. Got a little bit into the ale and really enjoyed rockin’ out. And *yes* I did eat the whole chicken (that very night).

  10. My favorite Those Darlins moment took place March 5th, 2010, in St. Louis, MO at Foam Coffee and Beer Bar where the Darlins performed a rare acoustic set for the Southern Girls Rock n Roll Camp fundraiser (see the video here The band may look like a bunch of tough cookies (and they are!), but they also have hearts of gold. God bless ’em! (ps-yes, that’s Lin the drummer playing guitar).

  11. I am a newer fan of Those Darlins so, I guess my only Darlins story would be that I found out about them at a local record store…was flipping through some vinyl and must have been in there at just the right time because I heard “Red Light Love” playing. The store didn’t have it in stock (other than what was playing) so I went back to work, bought it online and my afternoon was much improved. Thanks Darlins!

  12. I got to see these lovely ladies from the front row in Providence and Jessie spat beer onto my head. It was absolutely worth it. Those darlins kick f-ing ass!

  13. hi,

    I love your music and I may be your biggest fan here in Belgium!
    So, to have your record on vinyl will be sooo great!!

    greetings from Bruges,


  14. Love these gals, unfortunately the last time they were scheduled to play B-More the Red Dragon had to be put down. I would have come and picked you up! Next time drop me a line… A girl in trouble is a temporary thing (Romeo Void).

  15. They also covered Shakin’ All Over here in Winnipeg at the Royal Albert! Winnipeggers love that tune cuz it’s the one that made Chad Allen & The Expressions (who became the Guess Who) famous. There’s more than one mural of the group adorning walls around Pegcity, so the girls sure made a lot of folks happy when they heard that one. Not to mention Those Darlins are a hell of a lot better looking than the Guess Who!

  16. cover of lonesome cowboy bill at tt’s in cambridge is my favorite live memory

  17. I told Nikki at the Triple Rock and still believe it’s true. I’ve seen a minimum of 4,000 bands/shows in my lifetime. This was within the top 20 of all time, I think. The energy, the sound, the guitar tones, the harmonies, the eye candy;)…it was all there. The real deal and totally inspirational.

  18. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Those Darlins from the beginning. It’s been exciting to watch them grow in popularity on a national level. I always look forward to them coming home between tours, and sharing their stories with the rest of us. I truly admire them for their work ethic. The Darlins have set a great example for other local bands in our community that encourages us to play out well beyond our own backyards. Unfortunately, I never seem to have enough money to purchase a vinyl copy of their album when the opportunity presents itself. It would be such a treat to finally snag a copy. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  19. I missed y’all when y’all came to LA, damnit! And then I go on to here you just finished a tour with Deer Tick over on the east side, wtf!? I’ve been cursed because I want the whole damn thing.

    When will you return to LA, I think some vinyl is the only thing that can keep me from going crazy!

    Love you girls, keep doing your thang – it’s awesome…

  20. Those Darlins are amazing. I saw you open for Deer Tick in Providence, RI. I hope you make it back to the Northeast soon. My favorite song is ‘Wild One’, I bought the shirt at the show. Love watching chicks rock like you do.

  21. I love Nikki Darlin. She is probably the most talented person I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

  22. The Bottom Lounge show was great, but the best part was Jessie and Kelly kicking that drunken asshole off the stage!

  23. I love 222 because ya’ll sang it to me on my birthday in DC. And I so missed you in Bawlamer when your van went on then fritz. Jeb had a great time with you hanging…. Hope all is well and come to the Mid Atlantic really soon!

  24. the show at firehouse 13 was awesome. nothing like sharing my whiskey with those darlins. and having an awesome time partying with them after!

  25. Those Darlins… never heard em before but these comments sure got me excited to try and win some vinyl!

  26. Odd thing. Traveled from Kentucky to NYC and stumbled into a live show to find a fantastic band from Tennessee. They keep playing in Louisville when I am out of town.

  27. So I was in Louisiana, at this bar, in Baton Rouge, I came to see Those Darlins, all alone, then I just drank a bunch of whiskey, picked one and stared at her for the entire show, then I fell down. Seriously though, “The whole damn thing,” is a great song. And Those Darlins are exactly what I needed in my life.

  28. Going to the show tonight in Knoxville.Looking forward to it, I’m a Darlin’s virgin so please be gentle. Just kidding, Bring it girls.

  29. Either you give me the vinyl or I get another DUI. You don’t want that on your conscience, do you?
    DUI or Vinyl or Die!

  30. love, love, love those darlins!!!! if i win i’m gonna have a fun-sticks party at my house !!!!!

  31. For a while ‘Whole Damn Thing’ just killed me – a song promise even Roger Miller might have never dared touch. Well, maybe Rick Miller … anyway, I’ve come to appreciate more of what I’ve heard of the band, as if the Muffs had gone country. If I were anywhere near Criminal Records I’d be at the in-store! Please come to Ithaca or Trumansburg NY sometime.

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