Those Darlins Contest WINNERS!

We hope you’re enjoying Record Store Day. There are two people, however, who may be enjoying it a little bit more; they’re the winners of our vinyl & CD giveaway.

We wish we could have given each and every fan something — y’all deserve it. We put all the names into a boot and pulled out two lucky names:

Vinyl winner: LISA
(“The Bottom Lounge show was great, but the best part was Jessi and Kelley kicking that drunken asshole off the stage!”)

CD winner: SUMER
(“Those Darlins are amazing. I saw you open for Deer Tick in Providence, RI. Love watching chicks rock like you do.”)

Thanks to everyone who entered. We promise more contests like this in the future.

Y’all come back now, hear!

UPDATE: Those Darlins fans are lightin’ it up!

Since we’ve been flooded with comments and emails, we’ve decided to up the ante. Not only will we give away the vinyl, but we’ll throw in a Those Darlins CD to another lucky fan!

Yes, TWO winners will be announced this Saturday! (Let’s all drink a toast to that, shall we?)

Keep sending those emails and comments, and we’ll put all the names into a boot and pick us some winners!

P.S. We love reading about your live Darlins experiences.

In celebration of Record Store Day, we’ve decided to give away a copy of Those Darlins’ self-titled debut VINYL album!

Yes, you can fire up that old turntable (or whatever else you want to fire up) and listen to “Whole Damn Thing”, “DUI or Die”, “Red Light Love”, “Snaggle Tooth Mama” and more while gazing at the Darlins all big-like on the back cover.

Just leave a comment here on whatever (favorite Darlin, best song, fondest live show memory, WHATEVER) and we’ll choose a winner at random this Saturday, Apr. 17th. (You can also email us at

(Be sure to include contact information so we can give you the good news and ship your prize straight atcha!)


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