The Band Perry to help Purina Dog Chow give back to canine community

Purina Dog Chow is daring dog owners to try its “better-tasting-than-ever” dog food formula risk-free. In return, consumers now have the chance to out-do them with a double-dog dare of their own. As Dog Chow launches its campaign to let consumers “dare” Purina Dog Chow back, the brand has teamed up with Grammy-nominated sibling trio, The Band Perry, who, along with their dogs, are now the face of the campaign.

“From now until Monday, Feb. 28, we are encouraging dog lovers to visit and submit a dare of their choice,” said Heather Gettys, Purina Dog Chow senior brand manager. “It could be anything from building the ultimate dog house to refurbishing a neighborhood animal shelter to organizing a dog walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Purina Dog Chow will execute three dares — one per month in March, April and May — while awarding each of the three grand prize winners $5,000 and a year’s supply of Purina Dog Chow, as well as a two year’s supply of Purina Dog Chow for one dog donated to a local animal shelter in each of the grand prize winners’ communities, according to brochures.

“The Band Perry is a perfect partner for the Double Dog Dare Contest,” Gettys said. “They are devoted owners of four dogs and, as siblings, they definitely can relate to the challenge of a ‘double-dog dare’!”


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