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The Band Perry Live In San Bernardino – No Laser Show Needed

I remember stumbling to my house late one evening and turning on CMT. Late, late at night CMT airs the “almost there” bands, the up-and comers. I spotted a video that was more brilliant than a Cohen Brothers film – it was The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young”. I am not one to post videos and pictures to my personal Facebook but this video was just so cool, so original, I had to let the masses know. I had “If I Die Young” looping continuously on my computer, I could not get enough.

I Googled The Band Perry to find out more. I discovered the pop-tinged “Hip to my Heart.” I was not that hip on “Hip to my Heart”, but “If I Die Young” was my jam! A few months pass as I awaited their full length album. It was worth the wait-the album is so damn good. I am loving’ me some Band Perry and so is everyone else. I am a walking flyer for the band.

As the Founder/Editor for Country Music Pride, I often receive applications from potential writers wanting to join our crew. I ask them to send a writing sample and a list of their top 5 favorite bands/artists to get a feel for their style and preferences. Many times, I receive the same top 5: Keith, Tim, Alan, Cash, and Lady A. I have been happy to see, of late, The Band Perry has become a shoe-in on most potential writers top 5 list (as well as Jason Aldean). The Band Perry is good and they are here to stay. The overwhelming success of “If I Die Young” speaks for itself, and most recently, “You Lie”.

When I learned The Band Perry was opening for Tim McGraw this spring, I was so pumped for the double radness of both of them at one show. I’m going to be honest, as much as I love Tim, I was much more excited to see The Band Perry. After missing the Meet & Greet with the band (**tear**), and the interview I was slated to have, I was happy to find my seat and watch them open the show. The line up for the night was The Band Perry opening, followed by Luke Bryan (who was very smug and actually slipped on stage…I guess the good book wasn’t being figurative when it said “Pride before the fall”) and McGraw capped off the night. The only down side to the night was much of the crowd did not seem to be there to watch The Band Perry….many of the concert-goers tailgated in the parking lot and had way, way too much to drink and missed the opening act.

Brothers Reid and Neil along with sister Kimberly Perry, armed with a mandolin, guitar and bass took the stage and jammed out a speedy little set of no more than 6 songs. They performed all their singles to date “Hip to My Heart”, “You Lie”, a song called “Independence” that will surely be their next single and “If I Die Young.” I loved every minute of the set. I was captivated by this young family. I found myself wondering so many things while they were playing…I want to know more about them…. random stuff… such as one brother had on the most bizarre pants. They looked like Civil War trousers. Where in the world did he find them? The other brother seemed to have the most groomed eye brows I have ever seen. Kimberly has some awkward mannerisms when she is on stage and the huge hair….somehow it all works. They were so in tune with each other. They were bad ass.

They did not necessarily put on a show with lasers and fire or Kimberly parachuting in like we are accustomed to seeing at large shows. Just 3 young talented people running around on stage and playing music. Very good music. They didn’t need the flash and flames or a big laser show. All they needed was what they had–good music and raw talent. This is a rarity in main stream country these days. The masses are lucky to have The Band Perry tunes that they can hum along to. I suggest you go and see them while you can still walk up close to the front of the stage without having the bouncer mace you in the face.

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