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When girls are young, they wish upon stars. They dream of ball gowns, swoon over Romeo and wait for their fairytale to begin. That day, for Taylor Swift, has come. The 18-year-old songwriter released her second hit album, “Fearless,” on Nov. 11. Her single “Love Story” hit No. 2 on Billboard’s Country Single Chart behind Carrie Underwood’s “Just a Dream.”

A mix between country and pop, Swift has made quite a niche for herself after releasing her self-titled debut album in 2006, which she sold about 3 million copies.

But it’s not about the money for this boy-crazed, lovable blue-eyed blond from Wyomissing, Pa. “Fearless” is made up of 13 songs, each written or co-written by Swift. She reaches a broader audience by adding pop to her country twang about teenage love, heartbreak and moving on — it’s sure to be a hit.

Every high school girl will find they can relate to at least one of Swift’s songs; whether it’s about girls gossiping, family or about having to say goodbye to a teenage crush. “Forever and Always” is a song Swift wrote to every confused girl who has had her heart broken and left with empty questions. And title-track “Fearless” is about having the strength to love and fighting through the doubt. She sings, “Trying so hard not to get caught up now…in this moment now capture it, remember it…it’s the first kiss, it’s flawless, it’s really something…it’s fearless.”

Most of the songs found in “Fearless” are made up of lyrics that could be found throughout the pages of teenage diaries. Swift’s emotional rollercoaster ride includes a song called “White Horse,” a vengeful song about a broken heart. “Stupid girl, I should have known. I’m not a princess, this is not a fairytale.” And “Hey Stephen” is about a girl who has a crush on an angelic-looking boy. “Hey Stephen, I could give you 50 reasons why I should be the one you choose…all those other girls, well they’re beautiful, but would they write a song for you?”

It’s not an album for the emotionally impaired. Swift is definitely an artist who wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s not afraid to show her vulnerable side, or just be a regular girl. After all, girls like boys — and they like to talk about it.

Taylor Swift - Fearless
Taylor Swift - Fearless


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