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..& Western: Caleche Ryder Interview

Touting the virtues of Wild West Caleche Ryder reminds us that not all country music comes from the south. I mean, she’s sponsored by Wicked Tango, a whisky company, you don’t get much more country than that. Caleche’s amalgam of modern country and L.A. culture peppered with a smidge of attitude has garnered the singer/songwriter […]

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Boone Interview

This week I had a conversation with singer/songwriter Boone. The current single is “Summer Girls” and Boone has been out promoting the song with some good old fashioned hand shaking. We talked about the road, being a newbie in Nashville, and he gave an awesome behind the scenes story regarding the making of the Summer […]

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Ashley Clark’s Greyhound: No Ticket Necessary

Do you want to know the best way to begin an interview with one of today’s most promising young artists? Me too. I bet it’s not getting the name of his EP wrong in the first ten seconds of the interview. Luckily, thanks to the voodoo of editing you will never know about that. Oh….wait. […]

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CMA Music Festival 2016: Only 364 Days Away

Well folks, another CMA Music Festival has come and gone. This past weekend the estimated 80,000 fans who pervaded music city were privy to performances and meet & greets with most of country’s biggest names, in addition to all of the honky-tonks, country legend museums, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the plethora of […]

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Kristian Bush Debut Solo Album, Southern Gravity, Available April 7

We are all looking forward to spring.  Rejuvenation and new life.  As colorful flora paints the vanilla landscape.  As we slowly drip from our tenements like melting icicles here in Nashville, spring holds an additional meaning. New music. And one of the most anticipated albums of 2015 is Kristian Bush’s debut solo project Southern Gravity, available […]

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