Steve Moakler Drops ‘Pocket 2’ From Forthcoming ‘Blue Jeans’ Album

Creative Nation singer-songwriter and country/Americana hitmaker Steve Moakler has released the three-song follow-up to his “Pocket 1” from his forthcoming Blue Jeans album. The second installment of the three-part “pockets” series, “Pocket 2” contains Moakler’s latest release “How Have We Never” which premiered on Wednesday, November 6th with Sounds Like Nashville.

The outlet stated of the tune, “With the warm wash of a breezy steel guitar and an intriguing, half-buzzed beat, the crux of the track isn’t so much of a proposition as an open ended question — but presented by Moakler’s dashing vocal, it might just work.”

Moakler noted that, “Sonically, it’s one of my favorite tracks I have been a part of.” In addition to the lead single, Steve released two more tracks titled “The Picture” and “Good Years” available now!

The feel-good tracks continue to unfold the journey Moakler is taking listeners on with his unique and innovative release schedule. Dropping three songs every two months, he has kept fans dialed-in to the highly anticipated full-length album, “Blue Jeans”, due out in January.

Stream the first six songs from the Blue Jeans album now.

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