Shelby Lynne’s Tears, Lies and Alibis CD GIVEAWAY!

“Shelby Lynne sings in quick, blunt bursts, suggesting the kind of jabs you don’t see coming but which can drive you to your knees …” — The NY Daily News

“Lynne’s music explores a diverse range of genres and sounds. In a business that prefers its artists be a ready fit for categorization … Lynne doesn’t fit the mold. But her fans hardly care. Her latest release, Tears Lies and Alibis will certainly not disappoint.” — LA Times Magazine

“After years of wrangling with record company executives, the soulful singer-songwriter with the smooth pipes and bricklayer mentality is a solo artist in every sense of the word.” — Huffington Post

She’s tough, she’s smart, she’s talented, she rocks, she’s hot, she knows what she wants and she can probably kick your ass.

We here at Country Music Pride are aiming to give our readers more of what they want. So, here it is:

Give us your best sad story (tears), tell us a tall tale (lies) or give us your best lame excuse (alibis) and YOU could win a free copy of Shelby Lynne’s latest, Tears, Lies and Alibis.

Post a comment here or send an email to contests[at]countrymusicpride[dot]com (take that, spambots!) and we’ll pick THREE LUCKY WINNERS on Friday, May 21. (Remember to include your contact information so we can notify you if you’re a winner!)

Get busy, people!


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2 Responses

  1. Well for starters I have really big feet. I trip over them alot and sometimes fall on my head. This has happened enough times that I am not able to do anything like mathematics or dancing, but I really enjoy listening to country music. In fact, I have been told that I have a really good rythym when it comes to tapping my toes. I don’t quite get it when people whisper “he’s an idiot savante” – but I think they must mean that I am very good looking. My audiologist is convinced that the “Tears, Lies and Alibis” CD would be the best therapy for improving my balance and that by listening to it, I could someday be on “Dancing With The Stars”. This has always been my dream and hope you can help me. And of course, once my name is in lights, I will give all the credit for my success to Country Music Pride. Cheers! 🙂

Country Music Pride