Sarah Jaffe – “Suburban Nature”

Sarah Jaffe is easily a charmed singer/songwriter. Her obvious talent draws you in and takes care of you. Nurturing melodies and charming deliveries float effortlessly throughout the entirety of Sarah’s newest, “Suburban Nature.” Rarely is there an album that makes one feel as if they are in the studio with the artists. Experiencing intimately ideas unfolding, hearing the raw tones of each instrument, and feeling the waves of emotion that flow through every minute of creativity. This is one such album.

Positioned in the middle of the singer/songwriter revolution Jaffe maintains her honesty and an attractive level of openness that is completely refreshing. Masterful acoustic guitar work peers its way through in certain moments where the finger picking is borderline angelic. Coupled with ingenious string arrangements and provocative vocal tinkering this album is sure to stand among the best female singer/songwriter albums of the year.

Jaffe peppers the majority of this album with a subtle sense of humor that brings a mature levity to her otherwise crushing lyrics. The best example of this can be heard in the song, LUV, which will make you laugh out loud all while it pulls at your heart like a touching episode of Sesame Street for adults.

Sarah’s life lessons encapsulated in, “Suburban Nature,” provides an oasis for the lovesick, the hopeful, and the romantic. She will bring you in to her own atmosphere, her own Suburban Nature, and you will be in on the inside jokes in no time.


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