Sarah Buxton Review

There are only two reasons you should listen to Sarah Buxton’s self-titled debut album: it’s awesome, and for her version of “Stupid Boy.”

I’ve heard Keith Urban sing this song live twice — as he cut it on his 2006 album “Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing” — and while it brought tears to my eyes the first time, hearing Buxton’s version actually stopped me in my tracks.

It makes sense that Buxton’s “Stupid Boy” would be so much better  — she did write it, after all. It’s a love song – or a falling out-of-love song — and has no place being on her album, which is full of fun, quirky, ditch-your-boots-for-your-sandals, summertime songs. Her hit song, “Outside My Window,” which has been playing on the radio for quite some time now, is upbeat and fun to sing along to. And “That Kind of Day” will make you smile when she sings about when an old lady “just flipped me the bird.”

She does have some inspiration ballads, though, like “Big Blue Sky,” which she sings with Jedd Hughes; the coming-of-age “Innocence” song; and “Space,” which is a girl’s perspective about an ending relationship.

This album is surely at the top of my CD pile for the time-being. But seriously, don’t take my word for it – listen to “Stupid Boy” — it rocks.


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