Sam Hunt Tells All on New Single Drinkin’ Too Much

 ‘A drunk mind speaks a sober heart.’

This certainly makes sense for Country’s hottest new track. Country artist Sam Hunt’s hazy tell-all banger Drinkin’ Too Much holds nothing back.  Hunt’s loose lips not only open the public up to his personal and romantic demons but also contribute to a new direction of Country music.  Drinkin’ Too Much is unique lyrically with its references to actual people, places, and events.  Musically, its electro hip-hop sound pushes the envelope for what is ‘acceptable’ for Country radio.  

Hunt continued his Drake style delivery – a vocal style that his singles began containing.  Though the track heeds little signs of Country, Sam Hunt has been and continues to bring a certain style into Country radio.

By the first verse, a desperate Hunt asks forgiveness from the song’s protagonist. Apologizing for numerous past events, including the naming of his first full length album, while confessing his desire to pay the subject’s student loans for influencing the music that launched his career.  Hunt also reminisces the irony of being drunk with his date at the Country Music Awards.

But I wish you’d let me pay off your student loans

To these songs you gave to me

‘Member the first time you stayed with me?

Overpacked, and drove up, and went to the CMA’s with me…

And I was the one on stage, drunk

Barely holdin’ on, on ABC

The openness doesn’t end there though…

By the second verse, he’s accepting ‘the end’ as he reluctantly admits to his partner the truth from one night in Phoenix.

A year ago I was in a hotel room in Pheonix

Wonderin’ if it’s ever OK to lie

Cause I knew the truth would make you wanna die

But I told you everything, and you told me to have a good life.

The conclusion of Drinkin Too Much hits a new high as Hunt sends out what feels like a real S.O.S. to ‘Hannah Lee’ – a past love and subject matter of the track.

Hannah Lee, I’m on my way to you

Nobody can love you like I do

I don’t know what I’m gonna say to you

But I know there ain’t no way, I know there ain’t no way

No there ain’t no way we’re through

Following the name drop is silence.  Through the nothing, creeps up a nursery rhyme piano outro.
If the droney synth track doesn’t quite strike the right chord with you, Hunt also released an acoustic guitar rendition titled ‘Drinkin’ Too Much 8pm

Watch the video above and hear it for yourself.


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