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Redneck Rappin’ and Rockin’ Riffs – It’s a Colt Ford Country Thang

Colt Ford releases new CD “Every Chance I Get”

At a time when the Nashville establishment is peddling predictability and a return to traditionalism as a remedy to economic uncertainty, alt country indy artist Colt Ford bucks the trend to deliver redneck raps about life in the country and small town values on his third studio album, “Every Chance I Get,” in stores now.

And some of the biggest names in country music are lending their talents to the new album – Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Craig Morgan, Charlie Daniels and Tim McGraw. The track list of featured vocalists on “Every Chance I Get” reads like an all star sampler from some of the most recognized singers working in country music today.

Following up recent successes, an ACM nomination for Vocal Event of the Year for the “Cold Beer” collaboration with Jamey Johnson, and co-writing credit on the current Jason Aldean hit “Dirt Road Anthem,” Colt Ford is an innovative country artist not everyone knows about, but everyone should.

Without a lot of radio airplay to support both impressive album and ticket sales, a growing legion of Colt Ford fans are embracing the big man’s style of mixing rap country lyrics with rock riffs, fiddles and steel guitars. This album delivers it all.

Colt Ford’s “Every Chance I Get” features thirteen big, fun, rowdy anthems. So crank it up and sing along. This is the perfect summer soundtrack and the flow between rapping Ford and his featured guest vocalists keep the party hopping. There’s a lot of variety from song to song, but its Ford’s distinctive rap and emcee persona that dominates.

Stand out tracks include,

Track #1, Country Thang – album version featuring Eric Church (video version featuring Dallas Davidson)

This is the leadoff single and the one most suited to commercial country radio. The rockin’ guitar riff and laundry list of what makes someone “country” doesn’t break a lot of new ground artistically, but no one can argue with the effectiveness of the hook.  It is instantly memorable and easy to sing along to. And where else other than Colt Ford are you gonna hear a double bass drum lick kick in the last chorus?

Recommendation:  crank it up and jam!

Track #2, “Work It Out” – featuring Luke Bryan

This has a DMB “Too Much” feel in the verse riffs and stops with a really nice (too short) break down on the last chorus showcasing Luke Bryan’s vocals over a stripped down acoustic guitar.

Recommendation: play for your significant other when you have messed up big time, because Luke Bryan is way more persuasive than you.

Track #5, “This is Our Song” – featuring Danny Boone from Rehab

This is my favorite song on the album. Musically it has a grooving acoustic riff that’s flavored with a hint of the Chilli Peppers. Lyrically it’s an effective narrative on country culture. A personal anthem for both small town folks and Colt Ford, he sings,

“Don’t worry bout me cause I’m gonna spit the truth,

see I gotta represent for our country youth…

I’m buck huntin’, dog runnin’, playin’ in the mud hole,

pumpin’ Johnny Cash, haulin’ ass down the back road.

Runnin’ in the country where my soul is free,

and God and my family is all I need.”


Recommendation: play this one for your city friends so they can understand where you’re coming from. Also, learn the lyrics – all of them.

Track #7, “She Likes to Ride in Trucks” – featuring Craig Morgan

Surprisingly sentimental, this track is a mellow, late night reflection from the father of a teenage daughter growing up fast. The life of a musician more often than not means days, months and years on the road and Ford reflects on how fast his baby is growing up when he isn’t around to see it. It’s sincere and touching, an open letter to profess his feelings.

Recommendation: do not let your sixteen year old daughter ride in trucks with boys. Wait until she’s twenty-five and has graduated from college.

Track #13, “Twisted” – featuring Tim McGraw

Times are tough. We all feel it. I think Colt Ford is at his best when he writes from a character’s perspective and tells a story. This is one story everyone can relate to – do you go for your dreams or give up and settle? Ending the album with the message to be proud of who you are and don’t let anything hold you back, even when the odds are against you and everyone tells you it can’t be done. Colt Ford believes in going for it.

Recommendation: That’s why I like Colt Ford so much. He didn’t listen when Nashville told him a 300 lb. country rapper would never be a success.

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