“Red Solo Cup” Airing Everywhere – Including “Glee”

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two months since Toby Keith announced he had a surprise that was “stupid and funny”. That surprise was the debut of the Red Solo Cup video (unedited version).

Within two weeks of its release, Red Solo Cup had over one million views and was the #1 video on CMT.com. “Clancy’s Tavern”, Toby’s album showcasing this plastic party receptacle also debuted at #1 and radio stations were airing “Red Solo Cup” even though it hadn’t been released as a single.

As of this writing, “Red Solo Cup” video has over 5 million views and on November 28, 2011 the song was officially released as a single. Toby will make his first “Red Solo Cup” television broadcast on tonight’s American Country Awards, where he is also nominated for “Touring Headline Package of the Year”.

Show Dog – Universal Music hosted a “Red Solo Cup” Photo Contest that had so many photo submissions that a fan edition video is going to be created and Country Music Pride hosted a “Clancy’s Tavern” Deluxe CD giveway with a “Red Solo Cup” theme.

But that’s not the end of the line for this plastic party receptacle. Just when you think “Red Solo Cup” may have made its mark in country music history, it takes on yet another direction.

Tomorrow evening (Dec 6, 2011) “Glee” incorporates it into their ‘Hold Onto Sixteen,’ episode airing at 8:00 pm ET on FOX.

Be sure to follow Toby Keith and the adventures of the Red Solo Cup as it continues to take on new life. If you can’t wait until tomorrow to catch the cast of “Glee” perform their version of this fan favorite, you can catch it here.


Proceed to Party . . . responsibly.


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  1. kalmanizer,

    First and foremost, my apologies for just getting to this. I don’t know how this slipped past me. But thank you for taking the time to read the article and sharing your love of Toby. Ya, I have to agree he does make some unique videos. Glad you enjoyed this. This song and video are seriously special. Making a lot of noise in the country music industry. Hope you get to see a live show of his. That’s pretty awesome also !

    Happy New Year and thank you for hanging out with us here at Country Music Pride.

    Christine McDonald

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