Randy Houser’s “How Country Feels” Delivers 15 tracks of Stellar Singer/Songwriter Skills – Album Review

Randy Houser and his new record label, Stoney Creek Records, are set to release Randy’s first studio album “How Country Feels” under the SCR imprint to retailers and digital outlets on January 22.

The question is : are you ready !

How Country Feels, Houser’s first single and title cut off his upcoming album, has wowed fans and whet the appetite for a voice Vince Gill has called “one of the best in the new crop of country singer-songwriters”.

Houser’s fastest rising release thus far, How Country Feels, is a No. 2 and rising Billboard single, already has over two and a half million (2.5 + million) Vevo hits and captivates the No. 10 and rising spot on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown.

“I don’t know how it happened,” Houser claims, “but everything in my life has started lining up. I must have done somebody right in the past.”

Well, Houser’s got a new wife, new baby, new record label, new album and a rising first release. I’d say that’s indeed a full country sky of stars lining up just right in Houser’s constellation.

Cheers to a Good Blend
“How Country Feels” is a good blend of rock-solid lyric and vocal talent delivering a dynamic mix of comfort, party and pain.

Randy Houser How Country Feels Album CoverProduced by Derek George, the first person Houser ever met when he first moved to Nashville, the album opens up with a lyrically rich and visually playful uptempo Runnin Outta Moonlight. It’s a catchy, toe-tapping, sing-a-long that sets the stage for 15 tracks of awesome.

Randy will have you frolicking in the frisky twist in Growin Younger, feeling good all over without knowing why in Top of the World and two-stepping to the gaiety of Absolutely Nothing.

Houser’s powerhouse vocals tenderly dance a delicate duet with Kristy Lee Cook in Wherever Love Goes expressing the beauty of love. This is a powerful track that plays like the soundtrack to a movie.

And if loving a cowboy means more time apart than not, Randy’s explosive vocal delivery of the heartfelt sentiment in Like a Cowboy makes it all bearable.

The singer drops it down in Along for the Ride tenderly reminding you to ride the breath of life and enjoy the moments you’re in. And if he’s successfully convinced you to lay back and take life in, he’s there to share how in Sunshine on the Line suggesting “sometimes it don’t matter if ya don’t catch nothing but a good time”.

Shine opens up sounding like a western showdown and is just simply…fun!

And Let’s Not Let It takes you on a positive ride through the trials and tribulations of love that every relationship experiences. But it’s Houser’s vocals that deliver a lyrically unique remedy of reality begging “let’s not let some thing we’ll probably laugh about tomorrow // take us to that place where so many who give up go”. This is a thought-provoking track that just might leave you with a lump in your throat so …

Go freshen up your whiskey. In fact, make it a double ‘cos last call’s got some heavy hitters.

The Sting of Heavy Shots
Emotions are loaded in “How Country Feels” and Houser’s picked and penned a few shots that sting like your great granddaddy’s moonshine.

Goodnight Kiss is a slinky, mood-enhancing melody that makes you feel good and you don’t know or really care much why. We need these in ourCoyote Country Fest At The Orleans Arena In Las Vegas life. A keeper.

The Singer is multi-faceted. Paying tribute to the desperate memory of love forlorn, listen a little deeper and you’ll hear the sentiment stand testament to someone in your life. It’s a beautifully crafted and tenderly delivered message that’ll have you choked up on your own memories. “She loved the man without the mask when no one was around” is just a teaser of the lyric captivating you in this tale. And if the verses don’t shed a tear on your memory bank, the chorus is sure to have you on your metaphoric knees reminiscing someone that’s still got your heart. I wore the grooves out on The Singer. It’s a hit and I hope it makes it to radio.

But – and no pun intended – that’s the Power of a Song. Brought to you through the precision of a Steinway, the Power of a Song speaks for itself and music. “That’s the miracle of music // love’s the only thing that strong // that can move you when you hear it // that’s the power of a song.” The Power of a Song IS what music, what a song, is all about. Pure and simple. I’m just wondering why it’s taken so long for someone to lay this sentiment on a track.  A stellar showcase of skills.

But before parting ways, Houser revisits his past in the biographical album closing Route 3 Box 250 D and comes to as optimistic an acceptance as he can at this stage of reflection. In an interview with Taste of Country, Randy shared “this ain’t a hit but … “

Well, I beg to differ.

It’s a chilling story with a poignant message showcasing the power of a song because it’s tales like Route 3 Box 250 D that are indeed “How Country Feels”. The acoustic opening blends serendipitously with the chill of harmonica permeating the air. You’re immediately drawn to the realization something haunting is up ahead as Randy returns to a morbid memory, acknowledgement, acceptance, forgiveness and the right to not let it all paralyze him. And when Houser delivers the last line to this “everything in there is true” tale, you’ll wonder if there’s a blanket warm enough to ward off the chills you’re covered in.

I’d love to hear this touch radio.

It’s a Wrap
“How Country Feels” is an eclectic mix of melodies, messages, poignancy and pick-you-uppers. Houser’s either got you frolicking through life or supporting your right to feel jaded, even damaged. He delivers song after song through earth-shattering vocals with instrumentation as a complement. His uptempos are uplifting but his ballads are an experience.

If this is “How Country Feels” then it sure feels good. The album is available at retail and digital outlets everywhere on January 22, 2013. Be sure to grab your copy.

Randy Houser – How Country Feels – The Song

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17 Responses

  1. the power of a song and the singer. both reflecting in different ways…where i am at in my life. nothing unusual about a country song saying what a person feels. but these are darn good and timely!

  2. Elise,
    Very nice choices in song. Thank you for sharing that with Country Music Pride and supporting Randy Houser.

    The editors will be picking “How Country Feels” CD winners after the contest closes so stay tuned and keep it country !!

  3. My favorite song off the album is how country feels. It makes me remember when I was young and free riding back roads, mud wrestling, rolling in the hay, dancing and cutting up. However I wouldn’t change my life now. My kids complete me & show me each day just how country they really are 🙂

  4. The Singer sounds like it is a good song because everyone will experience heartbreak sometime in their life but will always keep replaying the memories of the good times before it ended. Eventually the pain will dull, memories will fade, but at times, we will never forget the precious moments.

  5. My favorite on the cd was Route 3 Box 250 D, I grew up in a trailer, with an alcoholic father, and the first time I heard the song it brought a tear to my eyes. The fact that an experience like Randy had is so stellarly summed up in such a powerful relateable song is so amazing. You can escape from where the pain happens, but its always there. The whole cd is great and I’m so glad that he’s getting the recognition that he deserves.

  6. Oh Michelle,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. “The Singer” was one that moved me immediately and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Even now, as soon as the track plays I stop dead in my tracks of reminiscence. A beautiful song.

    Thank you for sharing and good luck in the contest.

  7. Dustin,

    What an all-around beautiful comment to make to Randy and about “How Country Feels” and “Route 3 Box 250D”. I have to agree with you about the sentiment. We can always move on but a tinge of it is always there and creeps up on us now and again. You’ve obviously come out of your situation a kind person as your character is there in your comments. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience with all of our readers to benefit from. I’m sure there are others who can relate. May your life be filled with joy, bliss and the healing thought that “that’s what made you you”. Stay beautiful!

  8. I like the song How Country Feels. From reading the review, I would like to hear Goodnight Kiss and The Singer. They sound like they would be good songs.

  9. Robin,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and support of Randy and “How Country Feels”.

    “Goodnight Kiss” really is a fun, uplifting song. And “The Singer”, oh man … it hits home. I hope that’s a single.

    Good luck in the contest and thanks for joining us here at Country Music Pride

  10. Power of a Song is one I want to hear after reading the review. I am a lover of music and feel music touches our souls. I love songs that can move you to tears, make you remember that special moment or that special someone, make your heart swell with love or even make you feel a little pain as the tears it makes you cry are very therapuetic.
    I can’t wait to hear this song!!!

  11. Have to go with Runnin’ Outta Moonlight. It just creates that perfect imagery of being with the one you love. No matter whether she’s waking up, you’re both driving down the highway, or sitting underneath the stars, you have to value every minute with that person.

  12. I saw randy in concert 2 yrs ago. He impressed me so much, I went out and bought all his cd’s. I know all these will be killer. I still like the title track. remembering riding in the back of a pick-up truck. The good old days!!!!

  13. Wow ! Dale, I guess you’d say that’s a true fan.

    Thank you for sharing that. What a nice sentiment to send out to Randy. You’re off to a wonderful collection – all of his CDs – good for you!

    Hope you get a chance to see him live in 2013. A fan like you deserves that !!!

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