Out Today: Jenny Tolman’s Dolly-Inspired New Single “Welcome Mat”

We are happy to share new Jenny Tolman…who has been said to have “the sass of Nikki Lane mixed with the clever wordplay of Brandy Clark” (Rolling Stone Country)…with you! Her new single is called “Welcome Mat,” and it is out today (Friday, February 15th) on streaming services! This is the first track from Jenny’s debut album, due Summer 2019.

As humans, it’s so easy to be judgmental of ourselves, and of others, but I’ve learned that when you release that need to judge, it attracts all of the colorful characters that make life so exciting to live. It was really important to me to ask “What would Dolly do?”, in the process of writing this song, as I look up to Dolly Parton so much because of her ability to never make one person feel alienated for being different from another. My hope for listeners would be that it helps us put aside our differences, and focus on the common goal that we all want- and that, at the end of the day, will always be love,” Jenny says.

Produced by Dave Brainard (Jamey Johnson, Brandy Clark), “My Welcome Mat” celebrates the diversity and eclectic people that make up our daily lives.

For more information on Jenny, please visit www.jennytolman.com, or find her on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.


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