On Tracy Lane "Pretend the Thing With Charlie Never Happened" Independent

On Tracy Lane, the brainchild of lead singer Darryn Yates, has a sound reminiscent of the legendary Jon Bon Jovi. Yates sings with such conviction and raw emotion that you feel like you are really getting to know the man behind the music with each song on the EP. Anderson Layne, Adam Bilsing, Jerry McFarland and David Rogers make up the rest of this dynamic band and each lend their own musical genius to On Tracy Lane. Pretend the Thing With Charlie Never Happened has all the makings of a hit record. The new single “Snowballs in LA” truly showcases not only the outstanding vocal ability that Yates possesses, but also the lyrical brilliance that is On Tracy Lane. My personal fave is a little tune called “Smile Like a Child” that will have you singing at the top of your lungs and playing air guitar in your bedroom. I’ve had this little gem on repeat ever since it came across my desk. I have a feeling this is only the beginning for the guys of On Tracy Lane.



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