On Independence Day Billy Ray Cyrus Releases “The Goddess of Democracy”


On this Independence Day, Billy Ray Cyrus is releasing “The Goddess of Democracy,” a rousing and thought-provoking anthem as he reflects on the current events in the U.S.

In an exclusive premiere with Parade.com, Billy Ray Cyrus shared…

On this #4thofJuly I wanted to share this thought from my new band. It’s a sneak peek only up for 24 hours. Hope this brings some perspective and stimulates patriotism and loyalty to our beloved America.”

The prolific and dynamic lyrics are written by Cyrus, Don Von Tress and John Brennan:

Talk about freedom boys
Wouldn’t you love to have some now
When you gonna make that choice
The golden calf or the sacred cow?

The paranoia of prophecies
Require we sedate
So I hid my dreams and memories
Before it got too late
I won’t deny
I liked to cried
I guess it was her fate

The Goddess of Democracy
Burning at the stake

Billy Ray Cyrus is currently on the road, touring across the globe. Be sure to visit BillyRayCyrus.com for tour dates and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube


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