Oh snap, we’re BreakThru Radio’s Blog of the Week!

Country Music Pride was BreakThru Radio’s Blog of the Week! Naturally, we’re stoked.

Jason played DJ this week on BreakThru Radio’s “Anatomy of a Blogger,” discussed the history of the site with the BTR team and spun choice new tracks from Elliott Brood, Silver Jews, Curtis Harvey and more.

You can listen to the show here. You know you want to.


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On the “Hick-Libs”

While the hick-lib celebrities would have us believe that Appalachia and rural Oklahoma is home to covert gay coal miners and queer cowboys, the overwhelming

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  1. Kellie OaksDear MacKenzie Family, We are so sorry for your loss. Words could never comfort or adequately describe the sadness we share with you. May God bless your family and wrap you in His loving arms. With much love, Kellie OaoarstPikt Parent

  2. 07.41:Ibland undrar jag om det finns nÃ¥gon MÃ¥l-krav-syfte-formulering alls. "Vi Ã¥ker ned och deltar sÃ¥ fÃ¥r vi se vad som händer och hur länge vi blir kvar…" verkar troligare.

  3. on le sent déasbusé le passou….si vous trouvez un bon livre ce sera le seul de la rentrée…ça craint …m’enfin si toutes les maisons d’éditions ressemblent à POL ou au PSG au moment du merchato autant se réabonner à PIF Gadget !

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