Nic Cowan Ready To Ring In 2012, Exclusive Interview

Nic Cowan has plenty to celebrate as he rings in the New Year tonight at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. The soulful singer’s debut album on Southern Ground Records Hardheaded brought his music to a massive new audience in 2011. Nic seems to have been destined for the big stage. Moving from Texas to Georgia at a young age brought him to the city where he would eventually meet Zac Brown. The rest, as he says, “is history.”

Nic Cowan is not someone easily labeled. His sound switches effortlessly between rock, country, R&B and soul. His biting lyrics and hauntingly honest melodies demand an audience’s full attention. There is no question he will have the New Year’s revelers full attention tonight. CMP interviewed Nic in anticipation of tonight’s massive Southern Ground celebration.

CMP- I heard you and your father are getting tattoos together….true or false?

(laughter). Yes, we are for Christmas. It is going to be his first one. We are going to get the phrase “This Too Shall Pass.” It is something my Dad always said to me when I was growing up.

CMP Tell Me About the writing and recording of “Hard Headed.”

It was great. It was my first real studio record. Being able to work with Zac and have him produce it was such a big honor. I was blessed to have the caliber of artists and the caliber of musicians on there who wanted to be a part of this. I had a good time and I am looking forward to the next one.  

CMP-How did you meet Zac Brown & become a part of the Southern Ground movement?

I opened up for him at a bar in Carrollton, GA called The Mansion way before “Chicken Fried” ever came out. I met him that night and we became friends, got along so great together. When his career started going good and he opened up his own label, he signed me as an artist. The rest is kind of history.

CMP-What song are you most proud of from your current album?

I would have to say “Reno.” Just lyrically, it is a song I connect with on a very personal basis. It is the song that is closest to me.

CMP-You just started producing a record for new artist Anna Harwood. Have you enjoyed the production side of music?

Yes, very much. I just produced my first record. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time. It felt like the perfect time, especially when I have an artist I really believe in.

CMP-Are you excited for the New Year’s Eve show?

I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone from my label and spend time with the hometown crowd. It will be a party, no doubt.

* Nic will join fellow Southern Ground artists Sonia Leigh, Blackberry Smoke, Levi Lowrey, the Wood Brothers, The Wheeler Boys, Zac Brown Band and more tonight for an unforgettable show. Enjoy the festivities!



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