MTV Video Music Awards Open Thread

For us at CMP headquarters, tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards featured one shock after another. First of all, we were shocked to discover MTV still plays music videos. Then, we were shocked bubbly teen country superstar Taylor Swift beat out heavy-hitting pop front-runners Lady Gaga and Sasha Fierce Beyoncé to win Best Female Video for “You Belong to Me.”

swift3T-Swift was clearly as surprised as we were –– she could barely speak as she accepted the award.

But then, Kanye showed up.

Chicago rapper Kanye West, in typical fashion, stole the mic from T-Swift and proceeded to congratulate her, but then explain her win was undeserved and the award rightfully belonged to Beyoncé.

The move caused a pretty significant Facebook/Twitter uproar and, when Diddy name-dropped Kanye during the announcement of the Best Male Video nominees, he was booed, followed with supporters chanting T-Swift’s name.

So now, we here at CMP want to give y’all a chance to sound off on the incident. Do you think it was handled well? Is this just Kanye being Kanye or is this part of a larger question of country music not getting its due in the pop mainsteam? How do you think T-Swift handled it? And should we really be looking to MTV as the arbiters of good taste anyway?

In case you missed the moment…


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