Marty Robbins: Twentieth Century Drifter with Diane Diekman

Join us as we sit down at the table with Diane Diekman to discuss her book about the life of Marty Robbins, the legendary country music artist and NASCAR driver who scored sixteen number-one hits and two Grammy awards.

Robbins saw himself as a drifter, a man always searching for self-fulfillment and inner peace. Born Martin David Robinson to a hardworking mother and an abusive alcoholic father, he never fully escaped the insecurities burned into him by a poverty-stricken nomadic childhood in the Arizona desert. In 1947 he got his first gig as a singer and guitar player and soon changed his name to Marty Robbins, where he cultivated his magnetic stage presence, and established himself as an entertainer, songwriter, and successful NASCAR driver.


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