Martina McBride’s Newest Video for “Teenage Daughter’s”

Martina McBride’s video for her current single, “Teenage Daughters” gives us a behind the scenes look at Martina in all three of her roles: wife, mother and (the one we all know her for best) singer. The video takes place in her home away from home, the recording studio, and reminds us just how down to earth Martina is.

In “Teenage Daughters”, Martina sings of the stresses that go along with being a mother to 17 year old Delaney and 13 year old Emma. “You know they make us crazy…We’re always wrong. They’re always right.” But she’s not complaining. She just needs a good strong drink.


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  2. That was awesome! I could never let my husband (who loves your blog as much as me) read this because he’ll think that I should be on diaper genie duty. I’ve got him trained to remove all smelly things from the house.

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