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Maren Morris’ Humble Quest

By Benji Magness

Maren Morris has done it again. Her third album “Humble Quest” is full of pop-country gems that can be the soundtrack to simply enjoying life’s unexpected blessings (“Detour”), finding out that you’re pregnant and loving the life within (“Hummingbird”), or just celebrating that your hubby is 6’3”. 

And that’s what Maren does on “Tall Guys,” which is a playful celebration of her husband, country star Ryan Hurd, who is 6’3”. 

“We’re always drinking top shelf

‘Cause he can always reach it

And we fly first class

‘Cause it’s the only way his knees fit

We may not always see eye to eye

But a different point of view’s alright

‘Cause he keeps me looking up

When I’m feeling down

Yeah, I can always find ’em

In the middle of a crowd

When I can’t see over, he puts me on his shoulders

I can wear my heels real high

I’m lover of all types

But there’s something ’bout tall guys, tall guys”

That same playful I’m-so-in-love-with-my-spouse sentiment is captured on “I Can’t Love You Anymore.” 

“You bring me coffee every morning

You’re fun even when you’re boring

And you like me even when I’ve been a bitch

You watch me while I’m gettin’ ready

You lighten up my heavy

You’re so good lookin’ it kinda makes me sick

I can’t love you anymore

I can’t love you anymore

I can’t love you any more than I do now”

Isn’t this what we’re all looking for? A love that lightens up our heavy? A love that dances through all that life throws at it (“Background Music”)? A love that celebrates the highs and lows, the ordinary and mundane? 

Well, when you’ve found “the one” to enjoy that kind of love with, then you’ve found the soundtrack to that love with this album.

On the title track “Humble Quest,” Maren sings:

“I’m on a humble quest

And damn, I do my best

Not gonna hold my breath

‘Cause I still haven’t found it yet

No, I still haven’t found it yet”

We think you’ve found it, Maren. Thank you for, “Tryna say somethin’ with meanin’

Somethin’ worth singin’ about” (“Circles Around This Town”). Your humble quest to give us another collection of heart-felt, real life love songs has been reached…because you drove circles around this town. 

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