Maggie Rose Named Pandora Country Artist To Watch 2018

Maggie Rose was named one of Pandora’s Country Artists To Watch in 2018, alongside Carley Pearce, Danielle Bradbery, Jordan Davis, Devin Dawson, and more. Maggie…an independent artist…is praised for her “explorative work – equal parts pop and country – [driving] her music forward through unique sonic expressions.” Check out the full list here.

Maggie has been a “force in country [music],” recently releasing two new tracks …”Just Getting By” and “Pull You Through” …that “show off her powerhouse vocals” (American Songwriter). “Pull You Through” landed in SiriusXM The Highway’s Top 30 over the weekend and continues to climb.

Maggie wrote “Pull You Through”, a soulful ballad, while she was engaged, imagining years into her future…and the implication of the phrase “til death do us part.”

You grow up your whole life knowing that’s part of the wedding ceremony, but to hear it and realize its gravity is overwhelming,” Maggie says.

Shortly after she wrote the song, Maggie‘s grandparents, married for 66 years, died seven weeks apart…

Suddenly, these people who had been together for decades were gone,” she says. “In retrospect, their passing made the song mean that much more to me, as I understand more about what committing your life to someone looks like.”

Maggie released “Pull You Through” on October 20th as part of a Digital 45 along with “Just Getting By.” You can listen and stream here! For a complete list of tour dates and more information on Maggie Rose, visit her website and follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.



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  1. I have been following this fantastic artist for years since her first hit “Maybe Tonight” through the unbelievably good CD “Cut to Impress” and now the songs we’re listening to today. You really cannot find anyone out there with the creativity, passion and pure singing talent you get when you listen to a Maggie Rose song. Just so fantastic. Thanks for letting us know of this most recent success she has well deserved!

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