Luke Bryan’s “Spring Break-Here to Party” CD Debuts at #1 on Billboard 200 and Now Available in Digital and Physical Formats

EMI Capitol Records Nashville recording artist and bona-fide party animal, Luke Bryan’s “Spring Break – Here to Party” CD released on March 5, 2013 has debuted at #1 on Billboard 200.

“Spring Break…Here to Party” is a 14-track compilation of Luke’s yearly party-anthem EPs released consecutively from Spring Break 2009 to Spring Break 2012 and an additional two tracks recorded exclusively for the compilation in the series – “Spring Break…Here to Party”.

An interesting gem in the sand is the news that’s washed up onshore that single-artist compilations do not frequently chart the No. 1 spot. In fact, Michael Jackson’s soundtrack to “This Is It” back on November 14, 2009 was the last time a single-act compilation topped No. 1 on the charts.

“We’re proud that we started a little idea and that it’s grown into something,” Luke shares. “We just felt that it was time to put a physical CD together that people can go purchase in all kinds of all environments.”

In support of Spring Break (the season) and “Spring Break…Here to Party” (the compilation), Luke took a short break from his headline tour, Luke-Bryan-Spring-Break-Panama-City“Dirt Road Diaries Tour,” on March 12 and 13 to once again kick up the sand and the atmosphere at Spinnaker’s Beach Club in Panama City where over 40,000 fans flocked to the beach each day last year to see Luke perform.

Bryan is wired to sober up from Spring Break 2013 and resume his “Dirt Road Diaries Tour” on March 14th where spring-breakers and Nut House members (Luke fans) can enjoy a show at the Amphitheatre at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Additionally, Bryan is somehow squeezing in quality time to work on recording his fourth studio album, the follow-up to Tailgates & Tanlines. He’s slated to co-host the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 7 with Blake Shelton, and will also perform on the CBS show.

The complete “Spring Break…Here to Party” compilation consists of the previously released Spring Break EP series: “Spring Break With All My Friends” (2009), “Spring Break 2 – Hangover Edition” (2010), “Spring Break 3 – It’s a Shore Thing” (2011) and “Spring Break 4 – Suntan ” (2012)Luke-Bryan-Spring-Break-Party-Package and two exclusive tracks. And Sputnik Music comments:

“It’s a nonstop joyride of poppy southern party anthems, there’s no pause for any bluesy acoustic moments to be found here, any one of the fourteen tracks to choose from are all tailor-made and precisely labeled for their purpose of providing the theme music to a day at the beach, and a night at the bar … doing exactly what it’s designed to do, which makes for a compilation that has what any college student who has a love for country and is on spring break is looking for in spades.”

“Spring Break – Here to Party” is NOW available in stores, at iTunes and of course in Spring Break party packages offered by Luke Bryan. You don’t have to be a member of the Nut House to pick up a party pack but be sure to pick up or download your copy of “Spring Break – Here to Party” to add to the chronicles of your college days and life!

Luke Bryan – I’m Hungover – Spring Break 2 – 2010


1.  Suntan City (“Spring Break 4…Suntan City” – 2012)
2.   Just A Sip (new release on “Spring Break …Here to Party” compilation CD)
3.   Buzzkill (new release on “Spring Break …Here to Party” compilation CD)
4.   If You Ain’t Here To Party (“Spring Break 3…It’s a Shore Thing” – 2011)
5.   Little Bit Later On (“Spring Break 4…Suntan City” – 2012)
6.   In Love With The Girl  (“Spring Break 3…It’s a Shore Thing” – 2011)
7.   Shore Thing  (“Spring Break 3…It’s a Shore Thing” – 2011)
8.   Sorority Girl (“Spring Break with All My Friends” – 2009)
9.   Shake The Sand (“Spring Break 4…Suntan City” – 2012)
10. Love In A College Town  (“Spring Break 3…It’s a Shore Thing” – 2011)
11. Wild Weekend (“Spring Break 2…Hangover Edition” – 2010)
12. Cold Beer Drinker (“Spring Break 2…Hangover Edition” – 2010)
13. Spring Break-Up (“Spring Break 4…Suntan City” – 2012)
14. Take My Drunk A** Home (“Spring Break with All My Friends” – 2009)


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