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Luke Bryan "I'll Stay Me" Capitol

Lisa Kiser

Luke Bryan will stay true to himself, and that’ll be just fine to his fans. This enormously talented vocalist hit it out of the park with “I’ll Stay Me”. His charming, twangy sound is paired with catchy beats and relatable lyrics. In fact, the only topper to this smokin’ album may just be Bryan himself, performing live. The album is fun, silly, sweet and sexy all in one. There is a perfect balance of engaging love ballads and witty, breezy fun tunes. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself invested in each and every song.

Bryan’s style could perhaps be likened to a higher-pitched Josh Turner. He too gives a nod to God with “Pray About Everything”, but the greater similarity is in their soulful, soothing drawls. His album is what I’d like to refer to as a days-of-the-week album. You have your weekdays, with “Country Man”, the man every country girl wants to come home to. You have the Saturday date night love songs, with “First Love Song”, “Baby’s on the Way” and “The Car in Front of Me” to enjoy with a significant other. And then of course, you have the classic “All My Friends Say” for Friday night shenanigans. Sunday, after you “Pray About Everything” you can relax with your “Tackle Box” and head “Over the River” with a friend. My favoritest, everyday song is “You Make Me Want To” with its bouncy, light tune carrying the story of a man’s devotion to his girl. His transition between moods is seamless, a big part of what makes this album so great. His new album dropped August 14th, and I’m excited to enjoy the follow up to this great first album.

I\'ll Stay Me

I'll Stay Me

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