Luke Bryan Gets Down on the Farm in 2011

Country music star Luke Bryan’s overwhelmingly successful Farm Tour will make a triumphant return in 2011. The Farm Tour hits the road in September, making several stops in his home state of Georgia. Luke is set to headline CMT on Tour this fall but he set aside six special dates to bring his music back to the farmlands he loves. Luke was raised in the small south Georgia town of Leesburg, where farming is a way of life. Before Luke became a country music sensation, he helped his family farm peanuts. 

The third annual Farm Tour is Luke’s means of giving back to the communities who supported him during his rise to fame. Proceeds from each show will be awarded as an educational scholarship to a student of a local farming family. Luke told local affiliates, “We have such a blast at these shows. We look forward to bringing music into some of these areas where concert tours can’t get to. There’s nothing like building a tour set in the middle of a crop field!”

2011 Farm Tour Dates:

CLEMSON, SC – 9/29/11

STATESBORO, GA – 10/5/11

ATHENS, GA – 9/30/11

VALDOSTA, GA – 10/6/11

MACON, GA – 10/1/11

CARROLLTON, GA – 10/7/11

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