Lone Wolf “The Devil and I”

Though I don’t eat meat, I do occasionally cook my girlfriend bacon and enjoy holding it over her head. (Not the bacon, but the gesture.) If we were to break up I’d probably exaggerate it a bit in the lyrical sense and sing—as Lone Wolf does in “This is War”—I slaughtered her a cow and I’m a vegetarian.

Using the word vegetarian in a song is weird to me, and I know I find it strange because I am one. Luckily the next line wasn’t I went rollerblading with her and I’m a skateboarder, because the horn section that comes in later would have been lost in soured ears. But with that said, the rest of Lone Wolf’s debut album, The Devil and I, is pretty good.

Arranged in way so as the crooned bitterness from the lyrics is drowned out by the music behind it, listening to this sober and serious album forces me to imagine a tenured professor on sabbatical in the Eastern European summertime cursing all the beautiful women who pass by and ignore him as he sits and sips his espresso outside a café in Kiev. Growing in frustration he contemplates his loneliness.

Lone Wolf has contemplated, has grown in frustration, has answered the question I pose now: Does the lone wolf stray from the pack or does the pack stray from the lone wolf?


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