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Lee Ann Womack Heads To Conan O’Brien February 11th

Lee Ann Womack is making the most of her time in Los Angeles. After attending the 57th Grammy Awards where she was nominated for Best Country Album for ‘The Way I’m Livin’, the East Texan songstress will be appearing on ‘Conan’, Wednesday, February 11th where she will give ‘Conan’ a slice of what the fuss is all about.

Conan O’Brien has offered Lee Ann an invitation to come make his show her own! For Womack, who hit Americana’s Top 5 for the first time, her third appearance will come all but natural for her. Following with a European tour in March and a sold out show at Nashville’s City Winery Feb. 20th, the singer is all about getting these songs to her fans.

“I first played for ‘Conan’ when ‘I Hope You Dance’ was out, and he’s always been a man who takes the music so very seriously,” Womack stated. “There are a few shows where you can really tell that the music matters, so getting to play for him and his audience fires me up. Not to mention, that’s the perfect hour for this kind of song.”

The sound of the album is darker and more reflective than the high-powered party tunes that are known to be coming out of Nashville these days. And it’s a little less refined than ‘I Hope You Dance,’ the polished pop-crossover ballad that took her to the top of the charts in 2000. All in all, the album was made as a testament to great songs, incredible musicianship and Womack’s pristine bar-room soprano sound.

“There is nothing I love more than playing music,” Womack eagerly states, “except for playing music for people who really love it. When you do these shows, getting in front of people who’re curious about the songs, who get the level of playing, that’s a treat. It’s why I’ve always loved doing ‘Conan,’ and am happy to be going back after the Grammys.”

Don’t miss the Conan O’Brien show tomorrow, February 11th on TBS at 11 pm/10 pm C. For more information, click here.

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