Laura Bell Bundy Releases “Another Piece Of Me”

It has been two years since we have received new music from the multi-talented entertainer, Laura Bell Bundy. Today marks the release her new album “Another Piece Of Me” via digital outlets. The Big Machine Records project includes her new single “I Am What I Am.”

The Television & Broadway star debuted her country music project with, ‘Achin’ and Shakin’,’ which landed her in the Top 5 on the charts! Bundy has been writing since she was just 14, the Kentucky native effortlessly reveals her versatility with catchy melodies, playful lyrics showcasing both vulnerable and empowering themes. And to top it off she is responsible for co-writing and or co-producing more than half of the songs on the album.

Showing substantially more personality, spirit, and genre know-how in any given time of her debut than some current country stars have shown throughout their careers, Bundy gains attention and develops a identity built on equal parts: theatrical and love me or leave me abandonment. We had the privilege to chat with LBB on the new album, her career, tomatoes, puppies and fun facts you may not know about her. After listening to Bundy’s new music and getting to know her a little better, we are sure you will love her as much as we do!

Country Music Pride: Your new album, “Another Piece Of Me”, was released today, what makes different about this album from your first album?

Laura Bell Bundy: “Achin & Shakin,” my previous album, was about my extremes— the fun wild crazy side going out and raising hell, and the morning after of regrets, contemplations and sadness.  The production was also completely different on each side.  While this album has some of those same themes it also have more of the in between.  The deeper songs are more focused on family, philosophy and reckoning with my history as opposed to boys or love lost… I am definitely getting more personal on a certain level.  The production is a bit more congruent throughout.  It represents a more holistic view of who I am.

Country Music Pride: Did you personally choose all the songs on the album?

Laura Bell Bundy: The songs were chosen by me, my A&R guy Joe Fisher, Luke Lewis, Nathan Chapman and Jay Demarcus.  I wrote for over a year, listened to a ton of songs and then we chose our favorites and whittled down from there.

Country Music Pride: Is there a song on the new album that is your favorite that hits home more than the others on the album?

Laura Bell Bundy: “China & Wine.”  It is about my experience (or any child’s experience) regarding a broken home… and how you must get past what you “think” your parents should have done.  It’s about forgiveness, understanding, redemption and hope.


Complete Track Listing For “Another Piece Of Me”:

  1. “Love Me Like A Lady” – Laura Bell Bundy, Jerry Flowers, Chris DeStefano
  2. “Two Step (ft. Colt Ford)” – Laura Bell Bundy, Andy Davis, Colt Ford, Lance Kotara, Adam McInnis, Bryan Ray
  3. “Happy Yet” – David Frasier, Craig Wiseman
  4. “She Only Wants To Dance” – Jerry Flowers, Ashley Gorley
  5. “China And Wine” – Laura Bell Bundy, Leah Crutchfield, Natalie Hemby
  6. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” – Laura Bell Bundy, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
  7. “I Am What I Am” – Caitlyn Smith, Gordie Sampson, Troy Verges
  8. “That’s What Angels Do” – Michael Dulaney, John Mabe, Jason Sellers
  9. “Making Me Feel” – Laura Bell Bundy, Patrick Davis, Jerry Flowers
  10. “Kentucky Dirty” – busbee, Barry Dean, Laura Bell Bundy
  11. “Give My Broken Heart A Break” – Laura Bell Bundy, Jay DeMarcus, Jason Sellers
  12. “Maps Out The Window” – Sarah Buxton, Nathan Chapman, Blair Daly
  13. “Missin’ Me Yet” – Laura Bell Bundy, Derek George, Tim Owens
  14. “Another Piece Of Me” – Laura Bell Bundy, Kristian Bush, Blair Daly
  15. “Wait Until The Sun Goes Down” – Angelo Petraglia, Hillary Lindsey, Ashley Monroe

Click HERE to get your copy of “Another Piece Of Me”

Country Music Pride: From New York’s Broadway stage, to television shows, to the country music on our radios, you have done it all! What has been your favorite aspect of your career so far?

Laura Bell Bundy: I love performing on stage. That’s my favorite thing ever— no matter whether I am singing my own music or doing a play.  There is nothing like the high you get from the energy exchange with an audience.  It’s an exchange of love.  But, I love every aspect of what I do.  I am so blessed that I get to “play” for a living— play music, do plays… It’s like I grew up to be a professional child that never left the sandbox.

Country Music Pride: You juggled two shows and a music career, who was your favorite co-worker or performer you have worked or performed with?

Laura Bell Bundy: I truly do love most of the people that I work with so it is hard to pick a favorite.  My highlights have been…Tim Matheson and the whole cast of Hart of Dixie.  I still continue to work with them.   Charlie Sheen was a great scene partner.   Doing a comedic scene with him was like playing in a very intense tennis match.  We also became quite close.  Working with Michael Arden on Anger Management was a DREAM.  The most cherished creative performing collaboration I have ever had was with Christian Borle in Legally Blonde.  I currently share a brain with my LBBTV collaborators Tiffany & Brooke Engen.  They are my true creative partners.  Besides the blast I have with them, the most fun is singing with my best friend Asmeret Ghebremichael, Kim Mont, & Robyn Rae Beatty on stage doing concerts.  It’s deliriously fun!

Country Music Pride: Keith Hill recently made a statement on country radio about women in country music…what is your stance on his comment?

Laura Bell Bundy: Like I said before… “That guy’s is not going to get laid..” But seriously,  wonder if he thought his comment was going to be so controversial when he said it or what context he said it in.  That is always important to consider.  As a public we like to focus on a button statement without reviewing context.  His comment was about “ratings,”  (not record sales, not ticket sales, not cutting edge material) and while I don’t necessarily agree with his stance… Take Taylor, Miranda, Carrie, Maddie & Tae for example…Don’t their concerts and free give aways help radio ratings too?…

What makes “ratings” and makes “good music” are two entirely different things.  I’d like to lean towards finding and making good music, and I often go to women for that.  You’d like to think the gate keepers of country radio were not biased towards one sex or another or were keeping fans from hearing great music from female artists.  There are some gate keepers who really DO support female artists and I give props to them.  I believe those fans deserve to hear  great music one way or the other, whether that means we ladies have to be like David against Goliath and come up with a clever way to slingshot our music to the public …(via the internet?)… and knock em’ all out!

Country Music Pride: You have been linked with American Heart Association and their Go Red for Women campaign, supporting women’s heart disease. Why is this so near and dear to your heart?

Laura Bell Bundy: Pun intened?  LOL.  I was born with a hole in my heart.  As a result, I have been keenly aware of my heart health and my risk for further heart disease.  I am an advocate for those who have struggled with life long heart issues (Congenital Heart Disease) and I really want women to understand that they are at as much risk for heart disease as a 50 year old male.  Females just experience heart attack differently than men.   Women are the caretakers of the world, but we must also not forget to take care of ourselves, eat healthy, not smoke, exercise.  At least 80% of all heart disease is preventable so we must be proactive because when it hits, it hits hard…

Country Music Pride: I recently saw an interview you did for PETA, I love your passion for dogs. Have you met fellow dog lover and activist, Miranda Lambert? Would you ever consider doing something together to bring awareness to your fans on the importance of adoption/rescue?

Laura Bell Bundy: Absolutely!  Miranda and I are friends, our Chihuahua’s have played together. My pups, Polly (Bulldog) and Norma Jean (Chihuahua) are my babies. They bring so much joy to my life.  Those who adopt dogs get to feel this kind of unconditional love.  I would absolutely do something to raise awareness!

Country Music Pride: What is something fun your fans may not know about you?

Laura Bell Bundy: I’m not sure actually…I’m messy, I’m always late, I was a track runner, I won the Purdue University Physics award my junior year of High School, I love cooking, I won a new car at 5 years old when I won a pageant (what does a 5 year old do with a new car??) and while I don’t take life too serious, I like to ask the serious questions about it.

LBB will take on the Belk Park Stage during CMA Music Festival in Nashville this Friday, June 12th from 4:05P – 4:30P where she will be performing her new songs as well as “Two Step,” which she performed while on tour with Rascal Flatts.

Fans can also look forward to some fun events planned by LLB during the festival. “I am going to the CMT awards, doing a signing at the Big Machine Booth, a show downtown on Friday, and an album release party at Play after the LP field show on Sat night right about Midnight (which would technically be Sunday)”, Laura stated in our recent interview. So if you’re in Nashville this week, be sure to stop by and see her!

For tour dates and more, visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



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