Larry the Cable Guy “Tailgate party” – Review

I think comedy is hit or miss, and in the case of Larry the Cable Guy’s forthcoming “Tailgate Party,” this approach I would have to situate in the latter. “Tailgate Party” is recording of Larry last July 4th in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska where he, pseudo hillbilly accent and all, dished out some pretty mediocre one-liners to a massive audience of 60,000.

A few days ago I had a late night 2 hour drive ahead of me, so in an attempt to fortify myself with alertness birthed out of laughter I brought Larry’s newest session with me, but to my weary eyes it was about as affective in keeping me awake as Allison Krauss whispering “Beautiful Dreamer” in my ear and tickling my back. I really wanted to laugh, but alas I think my cheeks moved no more than three times in the hour-long sesh. Larry has it within his capability to make pee my pants, but I think on this installment Larry didn’t just get-r-done.


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