Kip Moore’s Debut Album Will Arrive April 24

MCA Nashville singer-songwriter Kip Moore will release his debut album, Up All Night, on April 24 and he’s already earning rave reviews from journalists as the project’s debut single, ‘Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck,” has quickly become a Top 20 hit.

“For years, I have been searching for the missing link between blue-collar rock and country music,” says noted journalist/historian Robert K. Oermann, who writes for Music Row magazine. “This year, I think I have heard it. His name is Kip Moore. There is fiery, urgent intensity in his voice. His lyrics vibrate with conviction and true grit. The melodies have gripping, heart-in-throat passion. And the roaring, propulsive performances on his debut album sound like signposts on the highway to some Southern-fried Born to Run. Dare I say it? This man just might be the hillbilly Springsteen.”

Kip had a hand in writing every song on the autobiographical album that was produced by Brett James. “The song doing great is a huge accomplishment, but the fact that I’m getting to release a whole record, something I’ve put so much energy into over the years, is the biggest accomplishment in my music career thus far,” Kip says. “I am so excited for people to get a chance to hear this record because I feel like it is an emotional record and I want to be able to move people like the records moved me growing up. From top to bottom, it is a very emotional, gritty record,” says Kip. “I think that people will be moved to be happy and sad and feel a lot of different emotions in one with this record.”

“Up All Night” is one of his favorite songs on the album and he chose that as the title of his album because the phrase has several meanings to him. “This record came about from me being up all night,” he says. “There are two parts: being up all night and doing the party scene and living life and grabbing it while I had the moment, which is why I was able to write these songs, and also being up all night in the studio and listening to records and writing until three or four in the morning. Those are the times when you are completely alone and vulnerable, when it’s three or four in the morning and you don’t know anybody and you aren’t really hanging out with a crowd. I have been away from my family and a lot of my friends since I was 17,” he says. “I like to be alone, but at the same time, it creates a vulnerability that I don’t have if I have people around me all of the time. I am a lot more honest when I am alone in those times.”

The common threads of Up All Night are universal coming-of-age tales as well as the roller coaster of love and loss. He relied on his personal experiences of growing up in the small town of Tifton, Ga., to craft these songs, whether it’s about the fun times of his youth in “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” and  “Beer Money” to troubled teens finding refuge in each other in the anthemic “Drive Me Crazy.” “Crazy One More Time” is about a powerful reunion with a lost love and the romantic “Hey Pretty Girl” is about the ideal version of a forever love.  “Reckless (Growing Up)” is a semi-autobiographical take on his journey from Georgia to Nashville and the grateful “Faith When I Fall” was penned the day after he was offered his record deal.

His single and his energetic live shows have been earning tremendous reviews from fans and critics alike. That word will spread even faster when he joins Billy Currington and David Nail on tour beginning in March.


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