King George Meets a Real Angel

The following George Strait story is a true story of “Angel” as told by her dad, Billy Wilson.
It needs no additional commentary. God Bless King George, Angel and her family!


“This story started in 2006, 7 years ago, after my wife and I heard about George Strait coming to town.

Our now 16 year old daughter, Angel, who has severe cerebral palsy and brain damage from birth, can’t walk or talk and also gets fed through a feeding tube. There really isn’t alot that Angel can do but watch TV and listen to music. So I thought I’d try getting in touch with Mr. Strait’s management in Nashville.

And I did.

They sent Angel and our family tickets to his show in 2006 and Mr. Strait sent Angel a beautiful personalized autographed picture, but she didn’t get to meet him at that time.

All I know is that Angel really seems to LOVE watching George Strait in the movie Pure Country. I bet her mother and I have watched that movie with her 500 times in her 16 years on this earth. Whenever she sees Mr. Strait or hears him in that movie, her eyes brighten up, she smiles from ear to ear and she starts talking. It may be gibberish to us, but she is talking to Mr. Strait about something.

Anyway, I guess what they say about the 3rd time being the charm worked, because this time, Angel and our family were George Strait’s invited personal guest to his “Cowboy Rides Away” Concert in Oklahoma City. We received floor tickets to the show plus Angel got to go back stage and hangout with Mr. Strait for a few before the show. They say good things come to those who wait, and Honestly, I believe that is true.

George Strait may not be touring anymore after 2014 but he is leaving the music industry just as he came into it, a Class Act, a Decent, Honorable Person. He and his management took a dream that was 7 years in the making and made it a reality for my Daughter Angel. And for that my wife and I shall always be Grateful !

On Saturday Night, January the 19th, 2013 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in downtown Oklahoma City, a King met an Angel !”

George Strait – Pure Country

George Strait Website


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