Kenny Chesney Reveals the Time Was Right for This Relationship

There’s no denying – relationships take time. And while they had been introduced before, it was years later as Kenny Chesney was engaged in a soul-searching drive up the Pacific Coast Highway listening to songs that fit that therapeutic moment that “the message and desperation in the lyrics hit me.”

Penned by singer-songwriters Deana Carter and Matraca Berg, “You and Tequila” is a delicate portrayal of how the love for someone can “run like poison through my blood”.

“I was looking for someone to do it with me”, Kenny shares. “I had fallen in love with Grace’s (Potter) voice while on my boat down in the Virgin Islands listening to Apologies, a song of hers that I loved and lived with.”

But neither artist knew the other. “I just knew that I really loved her singing”, Kenny said. A demo was delivered and Grace admits, “this is the first time on the very first listen of the song I immediately picked up the phone and said make this happen.”

The two met in the studio for the first time. “The chemistry was great”, Kenny says. “Our voices clicked.” You and Tequila happened. Kenny concludes, “if two people from two different backgrounds (Chesney from East Tennessee and Grace from Vermont) who never met can find common ground and make magic happen, that just proves music is the most universal and powerful thing we have in our lives.”

The Shaun Silva directed video was cast against a perfectly overcast background in different locations – one being Malibu – and filmed at times through the special effects of Tequila goggles, enhancing the depth of emotions running through the lyric.

Indeed, “it’s always your favorite sins that do you in”. And with a double dose of pleasure and pain, “You and Tequila” intoxicates your senses and incapacitates your judgment. You will find yourself “there” because although “one more night could kill me baby” – undeniably, “one more is never enough.”


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