Justin Moore – Joe’s Bar, Chicago, IL

by Jeremy Climer
Friday, August 22

While browsing iTunes on day in the spring, I came across a song called, “I Could Kick Your Ass”. I gave it a quick listen, liked it and decided it was worth my $0.99. The more I listened to the song, the more I liked it and I eagerly awaited the chance to see Justin Moore live. Before I got the chance, he released “Back That Thang Up” as a single and while it was catchy, it was pure novelty and I was hoping this was a record company ploy more than anything (especially after viewing the YouTube home video of his beautiful song, “Grandpa”).

My wife and I took our friends and went to Joe’s expecting a killer show, but what we got was pure shtick. This night Justin was opening for a local cover band called Rock Candy and when he came out on stage, I was surprised to see the guy who sang, “I Could Kick Your Ass” was about 5’4” from the bottom of his boots to the top of his Stetson. When he sings, “You’re a little too small to be calling me names”, I wanted to know who the hell he was talking about. He proceeded to play his rap-country blend of music for 40 minutes, with his lyrics consisting of nothing but tired country clichés, such as his song, “Hank It”. Halfway through the set he had lost our attention, and the attention of all but a few young women in the front (there were only about fifty people in attendance).

Make no mistake, despite his size; Justin Moore has a huge voice. In real life, he’s the real deal: small town, Arkansas country boy. Unfortunately, whether through the fault of himself, his label or a combination thereof, he attempts to re-invent the Big & Rich wheel with little success.

Listen: Justin Moore – Back That Thing Up

Justin Moore
Justin Moore


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