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Josh Abbott Band’s “Until My Voice Goes Out” Album Out August 18th

Country favorites Josh Abbott Band will release their new album, “Until My Voice Goes Out”, on August 18th.  Produced by Dwight Baker, “Until My Voice Goes Out” is a hopeful look into the future, a roll-up-the-sleeves-and-move-forward embrace of life and its potential.

This album is about appreciating the moment and your family and your friends, and living life the right way,” Abbott says. “It’s really all about finding clarity and focusing on what’s important.”

As Josh Abbott Band moved into the final stages of work on “Until My Voice Goes Out”, lead singer Josh Abbott’s personal life took a couple significant twists that underscored where JAB finds itself professionally. Abbott’s father suffered a stroke while the album was being recorded, and Josh split his time between the studio and the hospital bedside, finishing all the lead vocals shortly before his dad passed away. Two months later, Josh welcomed his first child into the world…

Those developments in the spring of 2017 nutshelled the circle of life, and in a way, that’s how “Until My Voice Goes Out” operates. As the band observes 10 years since recording its first single, “Taste,” Voice finds the seven-piece Texas ensemble ending one chapter and beginning another.

Experiencing life at its fullest includes taking risks, and Josh Abbott Band does that successfully on the new album incorporating strings and a horn section for the first time. Arranger Rob Mathes…noted for his work with Tony Bennett, Sting and Bruce Springsteen…worked up a handful of mood-setting string preludes and added to JAB’s range.  Mathes’ preludes became an important emotional glue for the project, and the titles that bookend the project…“An Appreciation of Life” and “Farewell Father”…helped bring a cohesiveness to the album and its back story.

“Until My Voice Goes Out” Complete Track List:

  1.    Prelude: An Appreciation of Life
  2.    Until My Voice Goes Out
  3.    Heartbeatin’
  4.    Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey
  5.    I’m Your Only Flaw
  6.    Prelude: Hope & Hesitance
  7.    Girl Down in Texas
  8.    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  9.    Kinda Missing You
  10. Heartbeat and A Melody
  11. The Night Is Ours
  12. Dance With You All Night Long
  13. Ain’t My Daddy’s Town
  14. Epilogue: Farewell Father

“Until My Voice Gives Out” is, after all, a song about embracing life lessons learned and using them to make a better future. Josh Abbott intends to do that in a way that supports his daughter, who arrived as JAB completed the album. The band is making a statement through the entire risk-taking album – about its continued growth and evolution as it moves forward, a decade after that first single gave Texas a taste of JAB’s brand of country.

JAB’s last album ‘Front Row Seat’ debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart and garnered high praise across the board. The band performed singles from the album on national television on both Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan.

Hailed as one of the top Texas country acts, Josh Abbott Band is renowned for heartfelt songwriting and traditional instrumentation.  The independent band has accumulated over 68 million total streams, 15 million YouTube/VEVO views has over 1.5 million single sales and 200,000 album sales.  Additionally, the band has sold over 1.2 million concert tickets the last two years.

JAB will also hit the road in support of the album with a horns and string sections this summer and Fall with stops in Austin, TX, Nashville, TN, Las Vegas, NV and New York City, NY.

For a complete list of tour dates & more info on the Josh Abbott Band visit their website & follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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