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Johnny T and Due South at The Stage, Nashville, TN

By Melissa Barnes

The great thing about Nashville is that there are talented folks playing all over town on any given night of the week. For many bands and wannabe country singers, this can also be the worst thing about Nashville. How does one stand out in this city full of talent? Ask Johnny T of Johnny T and Due South, because he is at the top of the Nashville music scene. When this guy sings, people listen! Even on a Wednesday night before a holiday fans of this up and comer came out in droves to watch the electric performer that is Johnny T.

From the moment he steps foot on the stage he is the center of attention. His witty stage antics and infectious energy will have even the world’s shyest wallflower busting a move. He woos the crowd with his covers of many of country’s biggest hits like “Life is a Highway” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” What sets this country crooner apart is his ability to take any tune and make it his own. He sang countrified versions of “Harder to Breathe” and “Kryptonite” that had the whole audience singing along. But Johnny T really shines when singing his original tunes like “Outlaws.”

He proves to not only be a top-notch performer but also a talented songwriter. His voice is flawless and well controlled. The band as a whole prove to be true professionals in a sea of amateurs and are the best of the best. As I was leaving The Stage some folks were waiting outside to get in. They were talking about how great the music sounded that was pouring out into the streets. A couple stopped and asked me who was playing in there and you know what I told them? The best damn country band in Nashville! Want to see Johnny T and Due South for yourself? Check out the band’s official myspace for dates!


Johnny T and Due South, Photos by Hailey Baker

Johnny T and Due South, Photos by Hailey Baker

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