Jerry Lee Lewis & Randy Travis On The Passing Of Billy Graham

Yesterday, Billy Graham, known as “America’s Pastor” passed away at his mountain home in Montreat, N.C.. He was 99.

Jerry Lee Lewis and Randy Travis among others recently commented on his passing…

“Billy was a great man that I admired, loved to watch when I had the chance, and always enjoyed talking the Bible with him. I thought a lot of him and the works he’s done. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family today.” – Jerry Lee Lewis

“Billy Graham’s words of wisdom were music to the souls of the sinner, and the saved, alike. It was my great honor to be called upon to perform at Billy Graham’s Crusades. He was a true disciple, a dear gentleman, and a father-like figure to me… and millions. His impact—immeasurable. His passing—a celebration of a life well lived for God and for mankind. My prayers and gratitude go out to the Graham family—he will be missed, until we meet again.” – Randy Travis

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Graham family.


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