It’s Just Like Seeing a Hank Williams Show. Sort of.

You know Time Life? That company that does the “Sweet Sounds of the ’70s” 22-disc anthologies with all the Rod Stewart songs you never knew you secretly loved? Well, now they’ve made a box set for those of you who love Hank Williams but were born several decades after his tragic death in 1953.

Revealed: Unreleased Recordings is a three-disc set of recordings Williams made in 1951 for a radio show sponsored by the Mother’s Best Flour Company. Williams wrote 143 songs with his road band for the program and 50 of these, which have not been heard since the show’s original air date, and three complete shows rendered exactly as they sounded in ’51. One of the key tracks here is the first-ever performance of “Cold, Cold Heart.”

Interspersed throughout the collection are conversations with Williams, giving the listener a much deeper insight into the man and his music. Jett Williams, the singer’s long-lost daughter, said listening to the record was the first time she’d heard her father laugh.

The collection will be released Nov. 3 on Time Life. And thanks to the almighty glory of the Internet, you don’t have to wait until the 4 a.m. infomercial cycle to find out how to buy it.


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