“It’s All Good”- Joe Nichols’ 6th Studio Album – Available November 8, 2011

It’s Joe Nichols. It’s his sixth studio album. “It’s available November 8, 2011 and “It’s All Good”.

It’s also hard to believe it’s been eight years and five albums since “Man With a Memory” country artist Joe Nichols swooned country music and country fans with the tender reflection of “The Impossible” and the cynical playfulness of “Brokenheartsville” (his first #1). Squeeze in a Christmas album, a Greatest Hits, a marriage and a label merger and I’d say this sexy son of a fun has been a bit busy…like an album a year busy !

Now, I’m not going to go back and count; but five studio albums at 10 tracks a pop and that’s a lot of Joe Nichols. Yet I can tell you right now, you could return back to “Man With a Memory” and start all over again. Joe’s spawned a lot of albums and a lot of gorgeous songs; but unfortunately if you’ve only gotten to know Joe by radio … you don’t know Joe !

From Joe’s debut album “Man With a Memory” through “Revelation, “III”, “Real Things” and “Old Things”, the number of radio singles out there showcasing Nichols’ talent is but a whisper compared to the number of singles that never made it to radio, could have made it to hits and only hints at the talent of this traditional country artist blending traditional tunes with contemporary country.

If you’ve got the time, the money or the interest, go back and catch up on Joe’s musical past so you can journey into the next phase of Joe’s musical career educated that this “Man With a Memory” can top a chart, crack a (playful) smile, strum a chord, swoon a crowd and take your breath away with his vocals, his lyrics, his sentiment and his country twang. If you don’t have time, money or interest in delving into Joe’s past, that’s okay – hop on here and journey along because ShowDog-Universal Music and Joe Nichols are about to release Joe’s sixth studio album on November 8, 2011 and “It’s All Good”.

The ten song, Mark Wright and Buddy Cannon produced album starts off with “Take It Off”. And Joe shares, “Yes, this is about commercial success, but…” he continues, “if you want to make something that lasts, it’s about art too. I want to bring a traditional sound into 2011 and 2012, to keep it faithful and make sure we’re still connecting with today’s listener. On every album, we’re looking for hit singles, but every time out I want to satisfy the artistic part of my soul too.”

Well, while Joe prepares to satisfy you with his musical soul in “It’s All Good”, you can satisfy your anticipation and join the almost 1.5 million YouTube viewers enjoying the album’s Top 25 lead single – “Take It Off”.

Be sure to drop in at Joe’s Place, where you can catch up, connect and countdown to the November 8, 2011 release of “It’s All Good”.



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