Introducing “Mama’s Blue Dress”

In November of 2011 CMP had the honor of publishing a Jamey Johnson review written by a true Nashvillian and truer ‘country music’ fan, John Parker. The one thing we’ve come to know and love about John is he is sincere, passionate and dearly diligent about promoting the artists he loves. Well, John is back with us again and shares his story of Mama’s Blue Dress.


In this day and time, it seems that the art of harmonizing and playing instruments has been lost. But, every once in a blue moon you can find a group that can blend the two together perfectly. Saying that, let me tell you about a wonderful group of women that I discovered recently.

In June 2012 I attended CMAfest in Nashville. On Thursday night, I went to 12th and Porter to see the Brian Collins Band. I was not aware that Brian was opening for Mama’s Blue Dress. When I spoke with Brian he told me that I had to stay for the group after him. Let me tell you, I’m glad I did.

Mama’s Blue Dress is made up of four very talented women. Vanessa Olivarez, Elizabeth Elkins, Bethany Dick-Olds, and Nicole Witt, are by far the best group of women I have seen live since The Bush Administration. With a sound that you might compare to The Dixie Chicks, these ladies are without a doubt in my mind, rising stars. I have not felt this strongly that an act was gonna make it since I seen Sonia Leigh and Levi Lowrey at The Ryman in December of 2009.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this group can go to, and they have a Facebook fan page and a Fan Club and Street Team group as well you can join. Also, there is a Mama’s Blue Dress channel on YouTube so u can see videos from their shows. Please look these ladies up and get to a show if u can. I promise, you will walk away smiling.

Enjoy Mama’s Blue Dress performing ‘Mama’s Blue Dress’ :


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