Indigo Summer Is Back With Release Of New Single, “Wishful Drinking”

Country duo, Indigo Summer,has released a new single, “Wishful Drinking.” Comprised of Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix, the duo has plans to release four singles throughout the year with “Wishful Drinking” being their first release of 2018.

The goal for this song was to take the heart-wrenching and traditional, six-eight-time country ballad, and transform it into a track that both country fans and pop fans could fall in love with. I am really proud of ‘Wishful Drinking’ and I can’t wait for our fans to hear it!” says Edwards.

The track, produced by Indigo Summer’s own Bryan Edwards, was co-written by Edwards and Ashlee Whitley of Post Monroe. The song was mixed by Mark Lonsway, programmed by Tony Esterly and mastered by Dan Shike. When going into the studio to record “Wishful Drinking,” Edwards had a vision for bringing Indigo Summer’s sound into a new place. 

When we were done writing this song, I knew it was something special. The subject matter is near and dear to my heart. I remember when I first moved to Nashville, being that guy at a bar or on stage, drinking to forget someone and I ended up remembering her more. That’s just how life is sometimes; the truth is rarely what you want it to be when you’re heartbroken. My favorite lines in the song are in the bridge, ‘The truth is, I can’t drink you back. And the truth is, I can’t drink you away,'” says Edwards. 

“Wishful Drinking” was inspired by the idea of ‘the one that got away.’ Edwards and Whitley wrote about what life might look like without love; a lot of ‘wishful drinking,’ hoping you could get that person in your life back. Although it is a sad thought, the duo knows this is something many people go through and hope it can offer some sort of healing.

The second I heard this song I was so excited to record it. I love that this single gave us the opportunity to bring a stronger side of our vocals to the table. ‘Wishful Drinking’ has a blues feel to it, but still stays true to our sound. I love this track and I hope our fans will enjoy seeing this side of us,” says Nix.

Fans can expect to see the “Wishful Drinking” music video following the release of the single in the coming weeks.

For more information on Indigo Summer visit their website and stay connected with them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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