How to Create a Country Music Themed Party…

If you’re thinking of hosting a party with a country music theme then you’re not alone! With Taylor Swift and other starlets making country music hot once more, there’s more call for these kinds of parties than ever before. Join us as we give you the tips you need to make sure you’re party goes off with a bang.

Create a Watering Hole

With an old timey theme, you want old timey drinks! Creating a hay bale and turning it into your watering hole is a no fuss way to kick things off with this theme. Just grab some big buckets, fill them with ice and you’re almost there.

If you want to take it a step further then you could always set up a mini saloon. With a bar and a waistcoat clad server, your guests will be transported to the Wild West. Whiskey based drinks are a must, you can have these straight or mixed into cocktails if you would prefer.








Cowboy Hats

Pretty much everything in your home should be decorated with a cowboy hat. Start with the full sized ones then get making mini paper ones to put on the top of drinks. You can actually make an edible cowboy hat with a Pringle and a gumdrop, which you can put on the top of cupcakes.

If you want to add to this, then some cowboy moustaches and plaid print can also go down a treat. You can make these out of paper, if it’s a kid’s party then you can always enlist their help in making these decorations.


A party without activities is nothing more than a flop, so make sure you have these sorted in advance. Some games can be played by kids of all ages and grownups, which can make the preparation a bit easier for the host. For example, playing music bingo is something that anyone can do. If you want to do so, then we’d suggest having your Spotify playlist geared up in advance with all of your favourite country music tunes.

Alongside this, you can take normal party games like musical chairs and give them a country music twist. Theming the games adds a nice touch, but it’s not always necessary if you’re pushed for time.









Set Aside a Dressing Room

If you’re expecting your guests to dress up, then you might want to give them a space to do so. If they’re coming from work or don’t want to walk around in their cowboy clothing, then they can get changed here. You can add props to the room to really get in the party spirit. If you really want to go all out then you can also add in some feather boas and bring in the saloon theme too.

A Western themed party is a great way to share your country music passion with friends. Just use these tips and your party will be sure to be absolutely rocking and your friends will absolutely love it. They might even love the music!


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