Granny Rich Breaks Record For Most Bottles Sold At Frugal MacDoogal!

Redneck Riviera Whiskey continues to celebrate the “work hard, play hard” slogan as the Queen of the Working Class, Granny Rich, set a new record during CMA Music Fest week at Frugal MacDoogal’s, Nashville’s favorite liquor store.

With over 200 bottles sold, her debut bottle signing event for the recently launched Granny Rich Reserve whiskey, created quite a bottle neck in the store as fans lined up out the door to have a shot of whiskey and an autograph with Granny and her famous grandson, country superstar and entrepreneur, John Rich. Granny Rich Reserve is touted as being “aged a little longer yet more refined, just like Granny Rich

Frugal MacDoogal General Manager Jerry Bottom states, “This was not only a huge success for Redneck Riviera and Granny Rich Reserve, but a milestone for our store.  Totaling out at 227 bottles sold, it broke our previous record of 160 bottles sold in such a short time span.”

Redneck Riviera CEO John Rich continues, “What a day! I have never met anyone like my Granny Rich. At 87 years old, she continues to work a 40 hour week at her alterations shop and is the epitome of ‘work hard, play hard.'”  Folds of Honor receives 10 percent from every bottle sold.

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