Frank Ortega releases new single, ‘My Old Man’

Villa One/Quarterback Records artist Frank Ortega prepares to release his new single, “My Old Man,” followed by heavy radio touring and a new video to be filmed in mid-September. Written and produced by two hit songwriters — Phil O’Donnell and Gary Hannan — “My Old Man” pays homage to the complex relationship between a man and his father — and Ortega’s energy and raw emotion provide a perfect vehicle for the compelling lyrics.

“This song is a powerful anthem for millions of people — men in particular — about their daddies,” Ortega said in a release. “My own dad has not been in the best of health over the past few years and recently had to undergo emergency quadruple bypass heart surgery; we thought we were going to lose him. I feel very close to this song: he served his country; I literally ‘held that drop light steady when it got dark or I heard about it all night long’ just like the song says; he also bought me my first guitar. This song found me, I didn’t find it.”

Ortega’s most known for his indie hit, “Hot Women, Cold Beer.”  His new single will be released on his debut album due out next year.


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