Eric Church Responds to 2016’s Carnage with Progressive Single ‘Kill A Word’.

Eric Church is legitimate.  Between his music, his interviews, and his personality, the man is always on point.  Speaking of being on point, his latest single Kill A Word is the seventh track from Eric Church’s 2015’ release Mr. Misunderstood, but has yet to hit number 1 on the charts.  Yeah, not sure why that is.

From the opening picking and lily pad vocal, it’s difficult to not feel power behind the engine of Eric Church’s latest single Kill A Word.  

The year 2016 has and will continue to push a damaging storm of sensitive social and political topics to culture’s surface. Kill A Word tackles such problems by targeting the area where the problems are bred:  words.  Church lyricizes turning anger and hate into love and peace.  Lyrically, Kill A Word is a clever and truthful approach to today’s society.

I’d poison ‘never’, shoot ‘goodbye’

Beat ‘regret’ when I felt I had the nerve

Yeah, I’d pound ‘fear’ to a pile of sand

Choke ‘lonely’ out with my bare hands

I’d hang ‘hate’ so that it can’t be heard

If I could only kill a word”.

Though the possibility of one song making all things good again is unfortunately unlikely, Church can create a chain of reactions within Country music and other forms of media to follow suit.

From a music standpoint, the track lacks nothing.  Church is no stranger to using unique tones and instrumentation.  With every album, Church finds creative ways to crescendo musical  experimentation; Kill A Word is evidence of his compelling influence.   

The melodic shuffle compiles an array of stringed instruments plugging away in a pounding manner.  The percussion hits as a driving force behind the arrangement creating a marching-like rhythm.  It also features Rhiannon Giddens who adds a beautiful harmony to the vocal textures.  Her voice in combination with Church generates synchronized and harmonious cohesion.  

Church announced his massive 60+ city Holdin My Own Tour which begins Jan 15 in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  You can find more information here.


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